Who Can Keep Track…

Who can keep track of all the money the U.S. government is spending and where it’s going to prop up the economy: $700 Billion TARP, $2 trillion unaccounted for, records sought through FOI by Bloomberg, $7.4 Trillion spent, $7,7 Trillion spent? Today BBC announces US Fed announces $800bn stimulus

About $600bn will be used to buy up mortgage-backed securities while $200bn is being targeted at unfreezing the consumer credit market.

On top of that there’s this headline: Barack Obama vows to spend his way out of crisis with $700bn plan

You know this can not last! The dollar is doomed! In the words of Steven King, “We’ve got a real shitstorm coming our way!”

UPDATE: SFGate.com has a breakdown of the now $8.5 Trillion allocated by our government at Government bailout hits $8.5 trillion

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  1. Hey! Re: “Who can keep track of all the money the U.S. government is spending…”

    I will and I’m qualified.

    I once wrote on a box for a yardsale, “5 cents each, 10 for a dollar” (A friend explained why the ‘old math’ did not support this equation) but I left it and I did sell to 3 people “10 for a dollar” I use the ‘new math’.

    With a track record like this I think for about $125,000 a year (plus perks) I can handle the job. Where do I sign up?

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