Book Review: Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn

Dick Morris is criticizing President-elect Obama for putting on the backburner the war on terrorism with his pick of Gov. Janet Napolitano as secretary of Homeland Security. Morris believes Napolitano knows nothing about terrorism and everything about immigration and border security. That may, God forbid, come back to haunt Obama and us.

In light of Morris’ challenge, I would encourage you to read Vince Flynn’s new book Extreme Measures, another Mitch Rapp thriller.

Using his insider knowledge of intelligence agencies and the military, Flynn once again delivers an all-too-real portrayal of a war that is that is waged every day by a handful of brave, devoted souls. Smart, fast-paced, and jaw-droppingly realistic, Extreme Measures is the political thriller of our time.

Just like today, Congress after 9/11 wanted our men and women who protect us from the bad guys to go to any length to do their job. As we got farther down the road, the threat seemed to diminish and the tactics used against the bad guys turned Congress’ stomach. In the book Stan Hurley, an old hand around the CIA and terrorists explains the truth to Mike Nash:

My point is numbnuts, that while you are diddling around with your dick, Rome is burning. That’s the problem with this whole country. Fucking vast prosperity. No one has any real problems anymore. Ninety percent of the damn politicians in this town either think there’s no war on terror, or if we’d just be nice to those zealots they’ll leave us alone.

Well that ain’t going to fucking happen. The Huns are circling and we’re sitting around arguing about gay rights and prayer and guns and global warming and all kinds of bullshit. these idiots will eventually wake up to the threat, but by then it might be too late.

The language is salty, but no worse than I hear on the yellowbus carrying middle-schoolers.

The main political opponent to Rapp’s actions is a cross between Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and it’s nice to see how this all works out in the end. Extreme Measures is Obama’s worst nightmare and I hope he smartens up before a catastrophe.

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