Inching Along With The Sellwood Bridge

The Bee has some new information about the Sellwood Bridge. First of all. did you know that this bridge “carries more traffic per lane, per weekday, than any other bridge in Oregon — including the Interstate Bridge!”
There are now dozens of options for the Sellwood Bridge:

One menu is choices of alignment; another offers a selection of west end traffic exchange and connection with Highway 43; another is the manner the bridge connects to Tacoma Street at the east end; and another represents the cross section detail for the bridge. On the dessert menu are things like options for pedestrian and bike crossing. Lots and lots of mix-and-match choices.

There are building alternatives:

…he County is offering an optional way of building alternatives A through D — a “phased” approach, by which parts of a construction or rehabilitation project are scattered across many years as funds become available.

There is now a 450-page Draft Environmental Impact Report to consider.

Between now and December 22nd, the County is accepting public input on these options and alternatives, on a survey form at that website. The survey is found online at:

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