Prepare For 2009

New Years’ is right around the corner. Many did not have a good year in the market. Why not take a look at the tool I use, MarketClub? Thousands of other self directed traders use it. Take advantage of 2 free months to see how it can help you succeed?

I think Trading the Triangles is invaluable for an overall look at the markets. Had you followed its monthly signals for stocks, it would have gotten you out of so many disasters this year that have fallen 50% to 90% and may give you information to stay out of this market or signal a time to get back in.

You can also link to INO TV Premium. INO will be adding dozens of the top experts and might be raising the price, so get a yearly membership and take advantage of the new authors to be added in 2009.

Remember, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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