Yellowstone Earthquakes

Essentially the news about Yellowstone from all my sources including Twitter is a repeat of the University of Utah study. I did come across The Bully Pulpit and thought his thoughts interesting:

First, the many small earthquakes are not only occurring rapidly, but they are occurring in a very small area, less than one kilometer across. They are also happening in Yellowstone lake just below, and immediately around the location of a dome on the floor of the lake – discovered only recently.

Second, the quakes are generally very shallow. Several have been less than .3 kilometers from the surface, and the average depth is about 2.5 kilometers, which places them at about the same depth as the magma chamber that drives the geothermal engine at Yellowstone, fueling the geysers.

Third, the quakes are occurring within the caldera itself, while the smaller swarms of 1985, 1995 and 2004 all occurred outside the caldera, nearer to Hebgen lake.

The quakes are still going on, as evidences by this webicorder, but not as vigorous.

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  1. The quakes have intensified this morning (Jan. 1st). While the background quakes had been in the 1+ range now they are in the 2+ range. I AM GETTING MY EVACUATION PLAN TOGETHER; A BOTTLE OF WHISKEY. g

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