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No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years, New Research Finds

Dang, the (gasp) global waming AGWs are just not cooperating

In contradiction to some recent studies, (Wolfgang Knorr of the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol) finds that the airborne fraction of carbon dioxide has not increased either during the past 150 years or during the most recent five decades.

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Coho salmon numbers surge on the Columbia River

Coho salmon numbers surge on the Columbia River

Seems I was ahead of the story when I wrote these two posts about Salmon:
You Could Have Walked Across On Their Backs AND
Tales From The Yellowbus

Greek Tragedy Performed by Dominos (VIDEO)

Someone has way too much time on their hands! Hat tip to Chris@blippit.com

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits south of Mexicali

One of the areas I watch is the area between the Salton Sea and the Gulf of California. They have just experienced a 5.9 magnitude quake followed by 15 aftershocks.

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit 23 miles Southeast of Calexico Wednesday morning.

The quake hit at 10:48 a.m. Wednesday, with an epicenter in Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey Web site.

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North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due to Core Flux

Slashdot tells us North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due to Core Flux

The magnetic north pole had moved little from the time scientists first located it in 1831. Then in 1904, the pole began shifting northeastward at a steady pace of about 9 miles (15 kilometers) a year.

In 1989 it sped up again, and in 2007 scientists confirmed that the pole is now galloping toward Siberia at 34 to 37 miles (55 to 60 kilometers) a year.

Someday, we may just fall over on our side!

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Yellowstone Supervolcano Bigger Than Once Thought

Listen to Guy Raz as he speaks with geophysicist Robert Smith of the University of Utah about his new research on the larger-than-thought volcanic system beneath Yellowstone.

Lara Logan Appearance On 60 Minutes

Last night Lara Logan took us back to the early days of Afghanistan with an onsite inspection of that country. She interviewed a former CIA operative in “Out Of The Shadows.”

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