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Newood Bails Itself Out!

There’s an article in the Eugene Register Guard titled Shelving company creates earthquake-resistant line. Newood Display Fixture Manufacturing Co. found itself losing the wine shelving business in California. It sold metal racks for wine bottle storage and in an earthquake, wood shelving was holding up better than metal. At this time it should have applied to the government for bailout money to keep it going until the market came back to metal racks. But, Newood was different. It came up with a new kind of wood rack that was flexible and worked better than the competition and now is winning business back. I guess neccessity is the mother of invention. You think there’s a lesson here!

Volcanoes In Antarctica May Be Cause Of Warming

In a previous post, Arctic Seabed Alive With Volcano Action, scientists may have explanation for thinning ice in arctic. Now we have antarctic volcanoes beneath the ice and could be the cause of 1 degree warming, say the NY Times!

Also, if you look at the location of the warming, it is contained in the western region by the mountain range, indicating the warmer air comes from a local source and not a global phenomena to the entire continent. And keep in mind this huge red area is only an increase in temperature of 1 degree Fahrenheit. Traditional weather maps typically show color changes for 10 degree Fahrenheit differences.

Stand-In for Obama At Inauguration?

We know that the oath of office was bumbled and had to be redone. Now we learn that the piece written by John Williams and played by Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman and two colleagues, was pre-recorded and they faked it making us believe they were playing live.

Many think the speech given by President Obama was not up to the usual standards of The One. I’m wondering if that was the real Obama up there. Suppose that was a stand-in.

This market is getting wound up; so pay attention (New Gold Video)

The Trader’s Blog thinks that the gold market is getting wound up. If they’re right, we’re going to see an explosion in gold to the upside.

Here’s the reasoning behind their optimism for this market: Right now we’re seeing gold in an accumulation phase. A move over the $875 level in the spot market will signal the first step to propelling gold in an accelerated upward trajectory.

Certainly a move over the $890 level, basis spot, will begin to bring in many new buyers. When this happens, they expect gold to go into a crisis mode as more and more people look to preserve their capital and seek haven in this yellow metal.

Watch video here:

BlogNetNews Makes Changes

BlogNetNews has made some major changes to the look and usabilty of the site. Let’s walk through some of the changes usng my blog, Mover Mike, as an example.

Here’s the front page, where you can click on the state of interest. In this case click on Oregon. You’ll notice all the posts are listed and they take up less room. They seem concentrated. Across the top right notice you can select to read just Progressive blogs or Righty blogs. You can help by emailing me at landfair3554@comcast.net with any changes you want in the manner in which your blog is displayed.

On the upper left, you’ll see Blogwire, which list all the posts by date and time; Dashboard which list posts by clicks; and Directory which list all Oregon blogs and all the posts to that blog. If you mouse over Mover Mike, yuo’ll see a description of the blog and clicking on the blog brings up all the posts. You can still share the post and rate the post.

In addition, David Mastio, overall editor has a page just about the changes in more detail, here.

A|s the Oregon editor, I will be reviewing each blog to catagorize it as left or right and check to see if the BNN badge or button is displayed.

Sam Adams Is A Sleaze!

Portland Mayor Sam Adams apologizes for ‘sexual relationship’ with teenager

First of all, I agree with Bogdanski, Sam Adams is a sleaze.  Only Adams and his lover know if the kid was 18 or not.  It’s not okey if the kid was 18!  The fact that he lied to Portland and had lie the kid lie is shameful.

He said he was a mentor to the kid, helping him with the emotions of coming out.  What kind of mentor diddles his charge?  What kind of man asks the kid to lie?  Where’s Sam Adams self control|?  Is he just an animal that can’t control his sexual urges?  Is that another lesson you teach when you mentor?

Bush commutes sentences of former US border agents!

Thank you President Bush!

In his final acts of clemency, President George W. Bush on Monday commuted the prison sentences of two former U.S. Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, whose convictions for shooting a Mexican drug dealer ignited fierce debate about illegal immigration.

You can read the history of this case here.

A National Bank?

This could be great news. The Obama team is considering setting up a national bank. Instead of a cartel of banks that print our money and charge us interest for this bargain, we could have a national bank that would earn interest for Americans. Right now the national bank idea may be used to buy up bad assets “clogging the financial system”.

Next step is to do away with the FED!

Circuit City To Liquidate!

Here’s a followup to my November 12th post about Circuit City filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy:

Circuit City Stores Inc., the bankrupt consumer-electronics chain, has decided to start the liquidation of all merchandise in all 567 U.S. stores. Thirty thousand employees will lose their jobs as a result. The retailer began selling televisions in 1949.

Paul Allen’s Bonds Yield Over 70%!

According to Bloomberg,

Charter Communications Inc., billionaire Paul Allen’s money-losing cable-television company, hired law firm Kirkland & Ellis and investment bank Lazard Ltd. to advise on a possible bankruptcy, according to people familiar with the matter.

If you think Charter might survive, the company issued some 11 percent note maturing in 2015 trading at 16.75 cents on the dollar. They are yielding a hefty 70.97 percent!

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