Tales From The Yellow Bus

Yellow Bus

Thursday as I was driving my Robert Gray kids home, someone asked me if I saw the story about the 13 year old dad in the news.  I said yes and did they see that the mother was 12 years old.  One boy, Ali,  who apparently got caught up in the conversation late, asked what happened to the 12 year old girl.  I wanted to be as discrete as possible and said the mother conceived when she was 12.  Was she blind before that, he asked?  I couldn’t wait to write that down.

On Westwood Ct.  in December, the owner of a house shoveled  his driveway of snow and piled it below his rock wall, maybe four feet from the street.  There was a lot of snow.  We had about 18 inches and Westwood Ct. is at 500 feet or so.   They might have received a little more.  Anyway, in January after the Christmas Break, I noticed the snow was still there.  It hadn’t melted.  I wondered if it would stick around until it snowed again.  Sure enough, it dwindled each day and then we received another couple of inches, he shoveled his driveway, and the pile grew in size again.  I think we’ve had a total of three snow storms this winter so far.  All the snow is gone in yards, except for this pile of shoveled snow.  This morning two months after the first snow storm, the pile is about the size of a pair of Greg Oden’s basketball shoes.  It made me think that this is the way glaciers get started.

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  1. Hey ya,

    So Mike?? What did happen to that 12 year old girl??? Huh think i stopped reading your blog didn’t you????

  2. Ali, welcome back! The poor 12 year old girl was impregnated by her 13 year old boyfriend. They didn’t practice safe sex.

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