Tales From The Yellow Bus


On my bus, right up front, I have some anti-bacterial stuff that I squirt on my hands during the day to kill the germs I pick up from all the things the kids touch.  I also have a box of Kleenex for all of us when the need arises.

This morning I’m driving my kids to Rieke, when I hear Ella say, “Mike, Tanry wants to kiss you!”

My heart nearly jumps to my throat.  We are not allowed to touch the kids.  I’m real nervous when kids fly at me for a hug.  Now a seven year old wants to kiss me.  How do I handle that?

I said, “What did you say?”

“Mike, Tanry wants a tissue.

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  1. So, when are you scheduling your appointment with the hearing aid folks? I used to have, haahaa, still have interesting conversations where my brain fills in the blanks my ears couldn’t discern. I wear some nice digital hearing aids, one in each ear to help compensate for that which is just out of my range and yet I am lost for certain sounds completely even with them on. It can be a very amusing time as you recognize the interesting glitches, “old man”, as they say in the 007 movies.

  2. TF, I am not saying I’m getting hard of hearing, though my wife says I have the TV louder than she likes. It’s noisy on the yellow bus: 30 kids all chattering away, the intercom to central is yakking away and I’ve got the radio on. In addition, I ‘m watching to make sure the kids are sitting down and not hitting each other and watching for idiot drivers talking on the phones while driving.

  3. I have to share my experience today. The wisdom of an eight year old.
    I cooked at our school today.
    At lunch time I asked Elias a question and learned more than I wanted to.
    “Elias did you go watch the basketball team this weekend?”
    I asked him, because I know he has relatives playing on one of the Yakima Valley high school teams for a berth to state.
    “No, I stayed with my grandma. My mom got drunk and then my dad got drunk, but you know, if you get drunk, if you just wait a while, then, the next day you will feel better.”

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