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Is There Still Gold In Ft Knox?

Chris Powell, Sec/Treas of GATA is interviewed by Martha McCollum on Fox about the Gold in Fort Knox:

Golden Bond Sure Could Use Your Help

On March 14th the Oregon Humane Society seized 130 dogs from a puppy mill in Burns, Oregon. They are Golden retrievers and part goldens and were found covered with dirt and feces, malnourished and not socialized with humans thus very shy.

To date, Golden Bond has taken in 13 of these severely neglected dogs, with the possibility that we will get more in the coming weeks. This rescue operation is the single biggest influx of dogs we’ve had in the history of Golden Bond! Many volunteers have put in countless hours already, and there is much work yet to be done

Golden Bond is the organization that took in our Ralphie and after he was brought back to good health was offered to us for adoption. Of course when Bev and I and Ralph the golden retriever met, it was love at first sight. He has been our little buddy for almost four years now.

The rescue operation has put a huge strain on Golden Bond’s finances.

We estimate that their total veterinary expenses will exceed $10,000 (including spaying/neutering, vaccinations, lab work, x-rays when needed, dental work, worming medications and micro-chipping). The extremely poor condition of these dogs cannot be overstated.

If you wish to contribute so Golden Bond can continue this type of rescue of these wonderful dogs, you can contibute at Golden Bond Rescue.

While you are on their site, checkout the Your new dog just might be there.

S&P And Oil…What Now?

Two excellent videos from Adam Hewison at MarketClub. The first takes a look at the S&P, in the midst of a strong rally. Is this the top or is there more to go?

The second video covers oil. There was a short term buy signal at $47+, now at $54. Is there more to go?

Both videos use the new charting system just introduced.

I Invite you to take a look.

Salton Sea Quakes Raise Questions

Fascinating article in the LA Times about the swarm taking place in the Salton sea area.

Seismologists have noticed that the quakes are moving south east as the day goes on.

The more detailed mapping now available shows this week’s swarm of earthquakes drifting about two miles southeast in three days, suggesting that a flow of hot materials under the crust could be sparking some of these swarms, said Debi Kilb, a UCSD seismologist.


Scientists believe that because of the thinness of the crust, hotter material can get closer to the surface and cause temblors. Regular seismic activity in the Mammoth Lakes area is believed to occur for the same reason, Kilb said.

Another thing they’ve noticed

A creep meter on the San Andreas just north of the Salton Sea area, operated by the University of Colorado, found a 0.002-inch slip on the fault right after the largest earthquake in the swarm — a magnitude 4.8 on Tuesday.

The big question, will the swarm lead to a quake in the Los Angeles basin that is overdue

MEGA In Mazatlan

Being in Mexico, warm and in beach attire even though it was the second week in March, seems weeks ago. The first day in Mazatlan, we took the shuttle from Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay to Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan in town. It’s about a 20 minute trip and it’s provided free to guests of the resort. From the Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan we took a Pulmonia to the supermercado or supermarket named MEGA.

The first thing I noticed in the produce section was the array and colors:

Then look at the mult-colored mangos

While Bev went to the wine section looking for a Chilean Chardonnay, I went to the bread and dessert section.

In this bakery section the shopper picks up a tin platter and some tongs and select from the major display of all kinds of breads made daily in the store. When you have enough on the platter, you take it to the baker and it is weighed and priced.

We bought cereal, milk and had to choose from leche in the refrigerated dairy case or the non-refrigerated shelves. We stayed with what we knew and chose refrigerated. We bought ground American coffee, butter, Corona Light for Bev and Sol sin alcohol for me. That little trip saved us mucho pesos and allowed us an unhurried time in our room before dressing down for the pool.

Mega is a wonderful store. It’s clean, modern and fun to visit. It should be your first stop when you get to town.

“Pathologically Unable To Accept Responsibility…”

And you have to ask yourself, “How much of the truth of what he says applies to this country?”

Video Explaination of the New Charts!

After I did a post about MarketClub coming out with the new charts they were flooded with over 12,000 email and phone requests for more info! Yes 12,000! It’s clear that these new charts from MarketClub are really making an impact across our industry.

So take time today and watch the video that explains every aspect of these new charts. It is worth your your time as these charts WILL help you improve your trading…PERIOD!

Watch the video here:


I’d also recommend checking out the rest of MarketClub and see the charts in action here:


Great trading and good luck

Scientists Study Small Earthquakes Near Hanford

OPB quotes scientist:
(Alan) Rohay thinks underground pressure is cracking layers of basalt laid down by lava flows thousands of years ago.

Alan Rohay: “It can’t support the stress anymore and the stress is picked up by ones nearby either above or below. They in turn have that increased stress and so they break and so it ends up being a snap, crackle, pop kind of thing.”

So far today we have half a dozen quales in the Richland area:

map 1.5 2009/03/24 10:24:24 46.389N 119.281W 0.1 12 km ( 8 mi) NNE of West Richland, WA
map 1.7 2009/03/24 04:39:05 46.389N 119.300W 0.4 12 km ( 7 mi) NNE of West Richland, WA
map 2.2 2009/03/24 04:13:53 46.387N 119.262W 0.9 12 km ( 8 mi) N of Richland, WA
map 1.2 2009/03/24 03:58:35 46.389N 119.279W 0.0 12 km ( 8 mi) N of Richland, WA
map 1.9 2009/03/24 03:51:19 46.392N 119.293W 3.3 12 km ( 7 mi) NNE of West Richland, WA
map 1.0 2009/03/24 03:50:44 46.396N 119.298W 0.9 12 km ( 8 mi) NNE of West Richland, WA

Question for President Obama…

My friend Steven Husak has a question for Pres. Obama at the press conference tonight:

During the campaign and at your speach before the joint session of Congress you promised that nobody earning under $250K per year will pay ANY new taxes. Not one cent. Zero.

Since taking office you signed a bill increasing the cigarette tax to pay for children’s health insurance, certainly a noble cause.

Mr. President, tell me exactly how you plan to determine which smokers earn under $250K per year so they will be exempted from this additional tax, so that they will not pay any new taxes. Not one cent. Zero. And will all future taxes such as increases in gasoline taxes, etc. have a mechanism for preventing those earning under $250K per year from having to pay?

Will somebody try to pin Obama down on this burning issue?

Salton Sea Quake In AM

Nice sized quake near Brawley, Calif in the Salton Sea. My theory is that the Sea of Cortez and the Salton Sea will merge. Take alook at the fault that runs from sea to shining sea:

MAP 4.8 2009/03/24 11:55:43 33.318 -115.728 5.8 4 km ( 2 mi) S of Bombay Beach, CA

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