Question for President Obama…

My friend Steven Husak has a question for Pres. Obama at the press conference tonight:

During the campaign and at your speach before the joint session of Congress you promised that nobody earning under $250K per year will pay ANY new taxes. Not one cent. Zero.

Since taking office you signed a bill increasing the cigarette tax to pay for children’s health insurance, certainly a noble cause.

Mr. President, tell me exactly how you plan to determine which smokers earn under $250K per year so they will be exempted from this additional tax, so that they will not pay any new taxes. Not one cent. Zero. And will all future taxes such as increases in gasoline taxes, etc. have a mechanism for preventing those earning under $250K per year from having to pay?

Will somebody try to pin Obama down on this burning issue?

One Response to “Question for President Obama…”

  1. The key here is “during the campaign…”.

    Then there are those immortal words to certain members of Congress who wanted to talk about the [so-called] stimulus bill:

    “I won.” (End of discussion.)

    Besides, he can always hem and haw and say that he “really meant” income taxes, not the hundreds of other thaxes that everybody pays.

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