MEGA In Mazatlan

Being in Mexico, warm and in beach attire even though it was the second week in March, seems weeks ago. The first day in Mazatlan, we took the shuttle from Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay to Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan in town. It’s about a 20 minute trip and it’s provided free to guests of the resort. From the Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan we took a Pulmonia to the supermercado or supermarket named MEGA.

The first thing I noticed in the produce section was the array and colors:

Then look at the mult-colored mangos

While Bev went to the wine section looking for a Chilean Chardonnay, I went to the bread and dessert section.

In this bakery section the shopper picks up a tin platter and some tongs and select from the major display of all kinds of breads made daily in the store. When you have enough on the platter, you take it to the baker and it is weighed and priced.

We bought cereal, milk and had to choose from leche in the refrigerated dairy case or the non-refrigerated shelves. We stayed with what we knew and chose refrigerated. We bought ground American coffee, butter, Corona Light for Bev and Sol sin alcohol for me. That little trip saved us mucho pesos and allowed us an unhurried time in our room before dressing down for the pool.

Mega is a wonderful store. It’s clean, modern and fun to visit. It should be your first stop when you get to town.

5 Responses to “MEGA In Mazatlan”

  1. Looks like you had a great trip! I like that you focused in on something as simple as the grocery store. Love the colorful pictures!

  2. Thanks for your info., very helpful.
    We are planning on spending two weeks at Emerald Bay, with my daughters joining for part of the vacation. Although, we have been to EB previously, I have not shopped outside of the resort.
    My daughters are vegetarians and I wonder if you remember anything like soy milk or soy products being sold at the Mega?
    Thanks again,

  3. Lynn, I don’t recall soy anything, but it was a large store and I could have missed it.


  4. You need to get some Pacifico beer next time, or at least Bev needs to try it.

  5. Simon, Bev bought some Pacifico. That is where the cerbasa is made!

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