Salton Sea Quakes Raise Questions

Fascinating article in the LA Times about the swarm taking place in the Salton sea area.

Seismologists have noticed that the quakes are moving south east as the day goes on.

The more detailed mapping now available shows this week’s swarm of earthquakes drifting about two miles southeast in three days, suggesting that a flow of hot materials under the crust could be sparking some of these swarms, said Debi Kilb, a UCSD seismologist.


Scientists believe that because of the thinness of the crust, hotter material can get closer to the surface and cause temblors. Regular seismic activity in the Mammoth Lakes area is believed to occur for the same reason, Kilb said.

Another thing they’ve noticed

A creep meter on the San Andreas just north of the Salton Sea area, operated by the University of Colorado, found a 0.002-inch slip on the fault right after the largest earthquake in the swarm — a magnitude 4.8 on Tuesday.

The big question, will the swarm lead to a quake in the Los Angeles basin that is overdue

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  1. the eruptions science blog has a little write up on Saton Sea swarm with some speculation & web links :

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