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Yellowstone Eartquake Activity

Earthquake activity is picking up again after a month of quiet.

Just today there were 20 mini-quakes.  Will the anxiety go up also?

Tales From The Yellow Bus

Last week I was astonished when first-grader Miles loosed a two second belch as he exited the bus.  I was so amazed that I mentioned this feat to his mom the next morning, kind of like, “Guess what your son can do?”  Slightly embarrassed, she said this was Miles’ new thing.

Just to stir the pot a little this morning, I asked the boys, who always sit in the front including Miles, about belching.  I was so proud of my first and second graders,  They all can do it easily.  Alexander impressed me the most with his reciting of the ABCs while belching.  What talent!

Look out Susan Boyle.  Next, one of my boys will be singing our national anthem on America’s Got Talent while belching up a storm.

Things That Keep Me Awake At Night

I got to thinking about the numbers regarding the basketball playoffs.  You know that the first team to win four out of seven advances to the second round.  In  our case that would be LA.  The winner of that round advances to meet the winner of the Denver/Dallas matchup and that winner advances to the championship finals. All the winner needs to do is win one more that half the games in each round or 4 out of seven, four times.

What puzzled me was this, if you win one more than half in each of four rounds, then in the end, shouldn’t you have four games more than half?  Assuming all rounds go seven games, you would be 4/7 in the first round, 8/14 in the second, 12/21 in the third and 16/28.  That’s odd, we are only two games over .500, however in each case you would be winning 57.14% of your games.

What happened to the other two games?  Maybe, the Houston Rockets will be pondering these quirks and forget to play basketball tonight allowing the Blazers to advance to a seventh game in our home.

How To Play, And Never Miss, A Short-Term Pop

We’re often asked at MarketClub just how to play short-term pops. Regardless if you are look at stocks, futures, or the forex market, it’s always the same… MarketClub Alerts.

With these Alerts you are getting a warning of a major move. It’s not that you are reacting to fundamentals, it’s just that when the technicals align, you are the first to know.

How To Play, And Never Miss, A Short-Term Pop

You see, no matter what happens, what methods you use, or what markets you trade, the following is always true: If you’re the first to know, you’re the first to profit!

This applies to our trading strategy, MarketClub Alerts, and the steps we need to take to capture profits and stay on the winning side of those short-term moves.

Please enjoy the video, as always its with our compliments.

Government Motors

It looks like the bondholders of General Motors totaling $27 Billion will end up with 10% of the reorganized auto company. The U.S. which has $15 Billion at risk will get 50% of the reorganized auto company and the UAW will get 39% of the reorganized auto company. Bottom line: The auto company will be run by the government and the unions.

What other large part of the economy is run the same way? Why education, of course! How has that worked for us? Here in Portland only 50% of the kids beginning high school graduate. They don’t meet standards of No Child Left Behind, in fact, I don’t think the teachers want any part of some national way of testing to see if our children are learning critical skills: the three Rs.

Then there are the government regulations that restrict thinking outside the box to teach our kids and the extra costs to meet regulations. Finally, we have no warranty that is good for the first five years for our kids that will in some way correct the lack of education and loss of income.

Can you see that the future of the domestic car industry is headed the way of education? Will 50% of the cars that come off the assembly line function for any length of time? And the government is going to be the last stop for the warranties. My God, paying to fix bad cars could mean the payments for autos will never end.

How Much Are You Paying Per Course?

Even in these tough economic times companies are still trying to exploit people’s desire to expand their trading knowledge!

They are charging hundreds and even thousands of dollars for access to 2-3 hours’ worth of mediocre education. If anyone has actually paid for the education, they quickly realize that in order to continue and get the “expanded education” they need to continue to spend even more! It’s a vicious cycle to separate you from your hard earned money without actually providing you with worthwhile material.

There is only one place where you have access to over 150 experts and 500 hours of seminars, for one price and that’s INO TV. INO TV gives its 30,000 members access to massive amounts of educational material that has been handpicked to provide you with the most for the least. If you’ve been misled in the past, here is your way to get back at those companies… learn something and stretch your dollars!

Visit the education page of INO TV to learn more.

Full access to INO TV will not cost you thousands, not even hundreds of dollars. A full year subscription is only 99.95. Yes, access to the world’s top experts, streaming on demand, and new authors being added monthly, will not cost you a month’s salary.

It’s important that you continue to refine your trading methods, and with INO TV you can do that with access to hundreds of experts who have done it before and want to show you their strategies.

Learn more about INO TV and see if you’re ready to refresh your knowledge base.

Mother’s Day Is May 10th

Some ideas for your Mum

Was This An Assassination Attempt?

Bloomberg reports

The first case was seen in Mexico on April 13. The outbreak coincided with the President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico City on April 16. Obama was received at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu, Reforma newspaper reported. The newspaper didn’t confirm if Solis had swine flu or not.

That’s quite a story. One day Solis greets Obama, (Did they shake hands?), and the next day Solis is dead of Swine flu.

Gold: The Canary In The Coal Mine

The Market Bugle posts about Gold, The Canary In The Coal Mine

Is Any Of Our Private Property Safe Anymore?

I hope you’ve read in the MSM by now that New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in a letter accused senior federal officials Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke of forcing Ken Lewis to accept a merger with troubled Merrill Lynch & Co.

Lewis told Paulson he was going to invoke

a Material Adverse Change (MAC) clause, due to a substantial deterioration in the assets of Merrill Lynch which appear to have been covered up during merger negotiations (i.e. hidden from sight during the due diligence process), in order to either abort or substantially renegotiate the terms of the BAC/MER shotgun wedding.

Secretary Paulson then advised Lewis that, if Bank of America invoked the MAC, its management and board would be replaced”

Can you believe we’ve come this far that our federal Government can blackmail a corporation to spend its own capital in a way it does not choose? Is any of our private property safe from the government’s clutches anymore?


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