Tales From The Yellow Bus

Last week I was astonished when first-grader Miles loosed a two second belch as he exited the bus.  I was so amazed that I mentioned this feat to his mom the next morning, kind of like, “Guess what your son can do?”  Slightly embarrassed, she said this was Miles’ new thing.

Just to stir the pot a little this morning, I asked the boys, who always sit in the front including Miles, about belching.  I was so proud of my first and second graders,  They all can do it easily.  Alexander impressed me the most with his reciting of the ABCs while belching.  What talent!

Look out Susan Boyle.  Next, one of my boys will be singing our national anthem on America’s Got Talent while belching up a storm.

2 Responses to “Tales From The Yellow Bus”

  1. Have you seen the movie, Elf, where he downs a couple of quarts of soda at the diner table and follows with a gold medal winning belch?

  2. not sure if teaching your kids to belch on the bus is a good idea but im sure it seemed cute at the time lol

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