Things That Keep Me Awake At Night

I got to thinking about the numbers regarding the basketball playoffs.  You know that the first team to win four out of seven advances to the second round.  In  our case that would be LA.  The winner of that round advances to meet the winner of the Denver/Dallas matchup and that winner advances to the championship finals. All the winner needs to do is win one more that half the games in each round or 4 out of seven, four times.

What puzzled me was this, if you win one more than half in each of four rounds, then in the end, shouldn’t you have four games more than half?  Assuming all rounds go seven games, you would be 4/7 in the first round, 8/14 in the second, 12/21 in the third and 16/28.  That’s odd, we are only two games over .500, however in each case you would be winning 57.14% of your games.

What happened to the other two games?  Maybe, the Houston Rockets will be pondering these quirks and forget to play basketball tonight allowing the Blazers to advance to a seventh game in our home.

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  1. I don’t think the Blazers were too happy on the plane ride home after the Rockets advanced to the next round of the playoffs. Okay, now I can go watch a real sport, baseball.

  2. TF, you are right. They blew the first game and lost home court and as we know now it was over!

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