Quakes At Coso Volcanic Field

Overlooking Little Lake

by sfairgrieve

My friend Robert Somerville pointed out to me that there’s been a lot of quake activity in the Coso Junction area of California.   The Rhyolite cone in the distance is near the town of Little Lake where the field crosses highway 395.  Checking in with USGS (see list), there have been nine 3.0+ quakes in the area just since May 22.

The Coso volcanic field is also well known as a geothermal area. Fumaroles are present along faults bounding the rhyolite-capped horst and locally within the rhyolite field. A multi-disciplinary program of geothermal assessment carried out in the 1970s defined a potential resource of 650 megawatts electric with a nominal life span of 30 years. Judged by the youthfulness of the rhyolite lavas and by a zone of low seismic velocity crust roughly beneath the rhyolite, a magma body may be the source of thermal energy for the geothermal system. Commercial development beginning in the 1980’s resulted in the startup of a geothermal steam-driven 3-MW electric power plant in 198.

As always, when I see swarms such as this, I wonder if we are going to see volcanic activity or is it just restlessness that will take 100s or 1000s of years to play out.

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Mike Landfair

3 Responses to “Quakes At Coso Volcanic Field”

  1. Lilly, I always happy to have a comment that sheds some light on this subject, but your URL doesn’t work

  2. Mike;

    I have been following earthquakes and volcano activity across the world for three years now. COSO Junction has been dormiant until May 2009. She is listed as active as of today. There is a change across the world with volcanoe who have been inactive for 3000 yrs are waking up. Believe me, I have studied the Aztec calendar I know everything thinks the world is going to end and thats not possible. There right, the world AS WE KNOW IT TODAY WILL CEASE TO EXIST. It doesnt mean the world is going to end. Get prepared. Stock up on can foods. Have a family plan in place for those away from you. This is no secret either. Just about reading within your own library.

  3. ageless male

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