Underwater Volcano Discovered

I have written about the discovery of underwater volcanoes and have wondered about their influence on (gasp) global warming or climate change.  There was:

  • Arctic Seabed Alive With Volcano Action

  • Washington Coastal Volcano Discovered

  • Volcanoes In Antarctica May Be Cause Of Warming

The oceans cover approximately 75% of the earth’s surface and I’m frequently amazed at how little we know about what lies underneath.  Yesterday, scientists found another underwater monster.

Scientists scouring the ocean floor to study the nature of tsunamis have discovered a massive underwater volcano off Indonesia’s western coast.

The 4,600-metre high mountain spans 50km at its base, Yusuf Surachman Djajadihardja, a marine geologist with the government’s Agency for Assessment and Application Technology, said on Friday.

The discovery of the giant volcano was “completely unexpected,” he said.

That’s a 15,000 foot mountain that was hiding under the sea and we don’t yet know if it’s active, and we don’t know how many more are out there warming the oceans.

Climateer Investing has another take on the new ly discovered volcano.

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