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New MarketClub Chart improvements

This video is a little bit different from the previous trading videos in that it shows you some of the new improvements we’ve just added to MarketClub.

One major improvement and one I believe you’re going to really enjoy and profit from is a study called “Donchian Channels”. This study is named after its inventor Richard Donchian who created this amazing technical juggernaut in the late 40s.

There are also a ton of other improvements like, cross hairs and a new 200 day moving average study which I think you’ll enjoy. You might be surprised at how to use the 200 day moving average.

You can view this new video with our compliments. There are no registration requirements. Please enjoy and give your feedback on our blog. Thank you.

Beavers Into The Tournament

The Oregon State baseball team on Monday earned an at-large bid into the NCAA tournament and will open regional play Friday at noon against Texas A&M in Fort Worth, Texas.

The No. 3-seeded Beavers (35-17) will face the No. 2 Aggies (36-22) of the Big 12 Conference

Yellowstone Active Today

MAP 2.7 2009/05/25 10:55:00 44.601 -110.811 0.8 24 km ( 15 mi) ESE of West Yellowstone, MT
MAP 2.4 2009/05/25 10:53:52 44.607 -110.812 0.8 24 km ( 15 mi) ESE of West Yellowstone, MT
MAP 2.9 2009/05/25 10:41:42 44.587 -110.809 5.1 25 km ( 16 mi) ESE of West Yellowstone, MT
MAP 1.9 2009/05/25 10:39:52 44.580 -110.806 3.2 25 km ( 16 mi) ESE of West Yellowstone, MT
MAP 2.1 2009/05/25 10:38:52 44.591 -110.818 7.4 24 km ( 15 mi) ESE of West Yellowstone, MT
MAP 2.6 2009/05/25 10:36:45 44.596 -110.807 3.9 25 km ( 15 mi) ESE of West Yellowstone, MT
MAP 2.9 2009/05/25 10:28:37 44.597 -110.831 5.9 23 km ( 14 mi) ESE of West Yellowstone, MT
MAP 2.6 2009/05/25 10:05:09 44.589 -110.873 1.2 20 km ( 13 mi) ESE of West Yellowstone, MT
MAP 2.5 2009/05/25 09:38:35 44.596 -110.833 0.6 23 km ( 14 mi) ESE of West Yellowstone, MT

Chrysler, Fiat and Obama: Gutting The Rule of Law

Here’s The Car Connection on the rule of law:

There’s simply no precedent for President Barack Obama’s heavy-handed intrusion into the legal bankruptcy process with Chrysler. His micromanagement has turned contract law on its head, and created a monster that will kill companies, argues George Mason University law professor Todd Zywicki in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Here’s a link to that article in the WSJ by Todd Zywicki.

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Mike Landfair

Obama Has Broken Contract Law

I’ve alluded to contracts broken in the case of General Motors and Chrysler, in several posts, but not until a dinner conversation last night, did I see a need to elaborate on a development that sets a very bad example for the future and should make you wary.  Those posts are:

In a bankruptcy bondholders have first claim on assets.  Scott P Snow, Certified financial planner, certified public accountant, certified investment management analyst explains what happens when a company files for bankruptcy:

…there’s a predetermined priority that dictates the order in which investors are paid back. The pecking order is secured creditors, then regular bondholders, then equity shareholders. Attorneys take their share of the pie first.

Why does it happen in this order?  Because, there is a contract involved and investors make decisions based on the contract.

Wikipedia discusses Contract:

A contract is an exchange of promises between two or more parties to do, or refrain from doing, an act, which resulting contract is enforceable in a court of law. It is a binding legal agreement. [1] That is to say, a contract is an exchange of promises for the breach of which the law will provide a remedy.

Take your house, as an example, if you have a first mortgage and a second, and you go into foreclosure, the first mortgage holder, by contract, has first claim on the assets.  If there is anything left it goes to the second mortgage owner.  There is more risk with the second.  That’s why you pay a higher interest rate on the second, to compensate the holder for the extra risk.  What if the government could step in and say the second mortgage holder was more deserving to be paid first?  That would be the end of the first mortgage business!

What President Obama, who has sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution, has done is to break this contract.  He said on April 30, 2009:

While many stakeholders made sacrifices and worked constructively, I have to tell you some did not. In particular, a group of investment firms and hedge funds decided to hold out for the prospect of an unjustified taxpayer-funded bailout. They were hoping that everybody else would make sacrifices, and they would have to make none. Some demanded twice the return that other lenders were getting. I don’t stand with them.

In other words these investment firms tried to enforce their contracts!

I stand with Chrysler’s employees and their families and communities. I stand with Chrysler’s management, its dealers, and its suppliers. I stand with the millions of Americans who own and want to buy Chrysler cars. I don’t stand with those who held out when everybody else is making sacrifices. And that’s why I’m supporting Chrysler’s plans to use our bankruptcy laws to clear away its remaining obligations so the company can get back on its feet and onto a path of success.

The response from those investment firms wanting their contracts enforced said,

“As American taxpayers, we appreciate the unprecedented efforts taken by the current administration to stabilize the economy and the auto sector; but as fiduciaries to our investors we take exception to being compelled, as Chrysler senior secured lenders, to unfairly shoulder the burden relative to various junior creditors,” Stairway said.

I believe a serious breach in contract law has occurred and it makes all contracts suspect.

You can love your country and have faith that everything will turn out alright, only if the rule of law continues to have force.  That day has ended.

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Tales From The Yellowbus

The Oregonian on Saturday had an article in the Metro section by Matthew Preusch that said “Salmon on Obama’s agenda.”

Salmon in the vast Columbia Basin have been in decline for years, a phenomenon linked with dams and the destruction of habitat.

Last Saturday I was hired as a charter bus driver to take a Yellowbus load of Marylhurst environmental science students to the Washington side of Bonneville Dam. When we arrived the teacher graciously invited me to attend the guided tour through the dam. We were given a tour of the fish ladders, the turbines and the room that counts the various fish that go over the dam.

The students were all interested in how many fish were killed going through the turbines or over the spillway. I picked up a handout that charted the passage and survival of juvenile salmonids based on 1 year old Chinook counted in 2005. Overall survival rate through Bonnevill is 97%!

  • 24% go through PH II 97% survive
  • 15% go through PH II Juvenile Bypass 100% survive
  • 16% go through PH II Corner Collector 100% survive
  • 38% pass over the Spillway 93% survive
  • 7% pass through PH Iturbine and sluiceway 95% survive

Then I picked up a handout that showed the Yearly Totals Of Salmonids Counted Over Bonneville Dam.  In this case “Salmonids” were defined as Chinook, Steelhead, Sockeye, Coho, Shad and Lamprey.  Interestingly, I did not see the

Salmon …in decline for years, a phenomenon linked with dams and the destruction of habitat.

  • In 1938 271,799 Chinooks, including Jacks, were counted at the dam.  In the years from 1938 to 2000 the numbers of Chinooks, including Jacks, varied from 240,050 in 1995 to a high of 547,494 in 1987.  Overall the average was around 350,000.  In 2001 to 2004, the largest Chinook runs took place with over 900,000 Chinooks, including Jacks, counted.  In 2005 the Chinooks dropped back to 600,361.
  • In 1938 107,003 Steelhead were counted .  From 1938 to 2000 1975 saw a low of 85,540 and a high of 379,891 in 1986.  The average overall was around 250,000 Steelhead counted.  From 2001 to 2003 the Steelhead runs were almost twice the average,  in 2005 the |Steelhead count was 315,302.
  • In 1938 75,040 Sockeye were counted.  There were two very low years of 9,501 in 1945 and 8,774 in 1995, but overall the average countof Sockeye was 60,000 to 100,000 fish.  In 2005 73,002 Sockeye were counted.
  • In 1938 15,185 Coho were counted.  The low year was in 1945, when only 790 Coho were counted.  Since then the runs generally grew until 96,488 were counted in 1967.  There was a dropoff and the next major low was 11.732 counted in 1993.  In 2001 266,341 Coho were counted at the dam and in 2005 88,724 Coho were counted.
  • Now comes the astonishing part.  In 1938 5,273 Shad were counted.  In 1959 6,720 Shad were counted,but then the numbers took off; 617,323 in 1965, 1,039,857 in 1979, 2,947,865 in 1990, and 5,335,667 in 2004.  IN 2005 4.242,183 Shad were counted.

I see no evidence in these numbers that this dam had any effect on destroying the fish runs of Salmonids since 1938.  |The only fish that has suffered in the Lamprey eel, whose numbers are down 90% since 1938.

I asked the teacher about how these numbers square with the hue and cry over the endangered salmon and the movement to take out dams and she had no explanation.

The one interesting fact I picked up from my most interesting visit to the dam was in the Jack counts.  Jacks are one year old Salmon and not yet adult Salmon.  Usually there numbers are dwarfed 5:1 by adults.  This year the counter tyold us that adult salmon number about 3,300 and Jacks number about 5,500.  She’s never seen such an imbalance in the ten years of counting fish at Bonneville.  She had no explanation for the change.

One good thing as the paper said today, June is the heaviest month for Shad, they fight like Steelhead and bite on almost anything, so take your kids fishing.  The average Shad run in June is over 2 1/3 million fish.

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Mike Landfair

Lost Vegas

UPDATE: According to Mish Shedlock – “President Obama has signed a bill that will halt “No Notice Evictions” in which tenants are give is little as 15 minutes to leave, with nowhere to go, and nowhere to put their belongings.”

Mish Shedlock carries a very disturbing video on his site, shown above.  Consumers are tapped out and building is bust.  It is going to take many years to work off the excess.

Governor plans to completely eliminate welfare for families

The LA Times has the story. If this comes to pass and President Obama says no to California, things could get pretty heated in La La Land.

SCULLY: States like California in desperate financial situation, will you be forced to bail out the states?

OBAMA: No. I think that what you’re seeing in states is that anytime you got a severe recession like this, as I said before, their demands on services are higher. So, they are sending more money out. At the same time, they’re bringing less tax revenue in. And that’s a painful adjustment, what we’re going end up seeing is lot of states making very difficult choices there…

When I was in High School, I argued outside Miller’s For Men that I needed this particular pair of casual pants with flaps on the back pockets. Everyone was wearing them. Boy was I upset when they wouldn’t buy them for me. We just didn’t have the money. Soon after, I got a job at Thom McCan Shoes and from then on I bought my own clothes with my earnings.

Maybe, it will work in Californiaand the other 49 states.

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Mike Landfair

Ultimate NW Profiles Francis Landfair

Photo by Torsten Kjellstrand

One of the people I credit most with my interest in politics is my dad, Fran Landfair. Pop! We argued politics in the kitchen when I lived at home and still shake our heads as we discuss the latest goings-on in the world. He’s 87 years young and still active in the community. Ultimate Northwest recently singled him out as one of 24 Oregonians who make you feel better about the world.

For a decade, Landfair has been an “elder evaluator” with the Elder Friendly Business Certification program. Every so often, Landfair lurks in the aisles of local businesses. He sizes up the width of the aisles; he evaluates service people on their knowledge and willingness to engage him; he even looks at the carpet to see if it might trip up a senior using a walker or cane, or cause problems for someone in a wheelchair. “I like it because I feel a little like a spy,” he says with a broad smile.

Everytime I walk through the doors at QFC on NE 33rd, and see the sticker on the door that says “This Business is Elder Friendly”, I know that Pop or someone he works with has been here.

Cycles In The S & P 500?

Did you know the S&P has been trading lately in 17 week cycles?

Adam Hewison has a new video on the 17 week cycles of the S&P that he discusses what he thinks will happen next at MarketClub. As always, the videos are free.

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