Earl Is One Of the 219!

Right after my post “House Approves Bill to Address Threat of Global Warming“, I received this email from our Democratic House representative, earl Blumenauer:

I want to share some truly historic news! Today the House of Representatives took decisive action to create clean energy jobs, hold polluters accountable, and reduce our nation’s (gasp) global warming emissions. We passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), one of Congress’s biggest environmental steps in twenty years. For the cost of a postage stamp a day, this legislation will cap dangerous carbon pollution while finally putting America on the path to a clean energy economy.

Oregonians have long understood the value of a healthy environment, and my constituents have been pushing me for years to get Congress to take strong action on climate change (see global warming). Today represents a historic first step. As one of the leading environmental voices here in Washington DC I have been fighting to protect our natural resources and make smart investments in renewable energy that can’t ever spill or run out. Even through the difficult years of the Bush administration, I understood the urgency of our energy and climate challenges, so it was with great excitement that I cast a vote tonight for ACES.

While I would have liked stronger renewable energy targets, Monet didn’t create his masterpieces in a day, and this is a very good start. It will reduce our nation’s (gasp) global warming pollution 17% by 2020 and 83% by 2050, and in the months and years ahead I will keep fighting to improve these goals.

What matters is that for the first time ever, we have a mechanism in place to rein in global warming and create capital that can be invested in renewable energy sources from the wind, sun, and natural heat of the earth. This will create millions of jobs around the nation and right here in Oregon, where we have so many clean energy innovators. It will reduce our dependence on oil – insulating us from global oil spikes – and make us competitive with emerging economies like India and China.

Throughout this process, I worked to make the energy and climate bill as strong as possible. Just this week I secured funding for low carbon transit investments. As I recently wrote in the Huffington Post, we can’t successfully address (gasp) global warming if we don’t deal with the transportation sector, which accounts for 33% of America’s carbon emissions. As we in Portland know, having more commuting options improves quality of life and public health, saves us money, and keeps us from burning a gallon of gas every time we run to the store for a gallon of milk.

This improvement to the bill will eventually mean $1 billion a year for low-carbon transportation, complementing the $190 billion the bill invests in clean-energy technologies that will directly fund companies, research institutions, and those in the business community who are investing in renewable energy.

Almost every day I cast a vote in Congress, and while each vote is important, some carry an added weight and sense of history. This vote was one of these, and I am truly proud of the work we are doing in Congress to invest in clean energy, take on (gasp) global warming, and make America more globally competitive.

(gasps) have been added, because he left them out.

What a bunch of BS! I notice Earl chooses not to accept email from his constituents. So, my opinion will not be read by Earl unless he reads my blog.

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  1. I don’t think any of the reps in government are listening….

  2. Gag.

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