CEI Wants EPA-Suppressed Report Reopened For Comments

Here’s a follow-up to my post that the House passed the (gasp) Global Warming bill 219 to 212 in which I lampooned the NYT announcement of its passage:

A vote of 219 (stupid people who view [gasp] global warming as a religion) narrowly defeated the 212 house members (that pay attention to over 37,000 scientists and one EPA veteran who’s been censored by his employer for his report that doesn’t buy into the hysteria).

Now, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) today is demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency allow public comment on an internal global warming report that the agency itself suppressed.

CEI is submitting the report to the EPA and formally requesting that EPA re-open the comment period on its so-called “endangerment proceeding,” so the public can comment on both the report and on EPA’s conduct. EPA’s official comment period ended June 23.

Today’s actions follow CEI’s release of internal EPA emails a week ago that demonstrated the agency cover-up, followed by a draft version of the report released last Thursday. A day later, the author of the report was given permission by the agency to release the final report but only on his own website.

“EPA sits on this report for over three months, and then only allows it to be made public on the author’s personal website,” said CEI General Counsel Sam Kazman. “The fact that we have to formally re-file it with the agency indicates how unreal this situation is.”

You can read a pdf of the report written by Alan Carlin and it is devastating to the religion of (gasp) global warming believers.

Take a look at Figure 1.2 on page 34 of the filing: Figure 1-2: IPCC AR4 Figure 26 Updated

Figure 1-2 shows how climate models and reality diverge. The red, purple, and orange lines are model forecasts of global temperatures under different emission scenarios. The yellow line shows how much warming we are supposedly “committed to” even if CO2 concentrations don’t change according to the IPCC. The blue and green lines are actual temperatures as measured by ground-based (HadCrut) and satellite (UAH LT) monitoring systems. It is fairly evident that the IPCC projections are quite divergent from the actual experience in recent years.

What’s really rather remarkable, is that since 2000, the rates at which CO2 emissions and concentrations are increasing have accelerated. According to Canadell et al. (2008), fossil fuel and cement emissions increased by 3.3 percent per year during 2000-2006, compared to 1.3 percent per year in the 1990s. Similarly, atmospheric CO2 concentrations increased by 1.93 parts per million per year during 2000-2006, compared to 1.58 ppm in the 1990s. And yet, despite accelerating emission rates and concentrations, there’s been no net warming in the 21st century, and more accurately, a decline.

Bottom line: you have all these wild projections of (gasp) global warming and a huge increase in C02, yet there’s been no global warming. Instead we have a decline in temperatures (See those charts on page 33 of the filing).

Read the report for yourself and then know you’ve been had!

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  1. Good article. It is clear that there is a greater agenda for the Statist in the Climate Change debate. They want to control our lives, plain and simple. Science is fact when ALL reasearch proves the hypothesis and so far that is just not happening. The honest approach would be to consider all research findings and statistics in this debate, however their strategy to censor and suppress any hint that their hypothesis is false reveals that they are running a bogus campaign.

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