Check Out Video, Etc. To Learn The Truth

One of my friends sent me an email that said, Check out video, etc. to learn the truth.” The video is an interview of Wendall Potter by Bill Moyers labeled as “an insider’s story of how the health insurance industry “puts profits before patients.” Potter described his former job at CIGNA as head of corporate communications as the ultimate P.R. job. CIGNA “provides health care and related benefits in the United States and internationally. It operates in five segments: Health Care, Disability and Life, International, Run-off Reinsurance, and Other Operations.”

Here are some caveats for conservatives before you watch: It is from Liberal PBS and Liberal Bill Moyers. Some caveats for Liberals, don’t believe everything you see or read, even if it comes from PBS and Bill Moyers.

Second, I’m gun shy when something is labeled “the truth”. Chances are it’s someones truth or I’m being spun.

Third, the figure of 47 million uninsured is cited by Potter. For a long time he was oblivious to the health care problem in the U.S.. Now he accepts a doubtful piece of propaganda from those advocating US Government run health care insurance. I do not know how many uninsured there are, but I am sympathetic to those who say this is the only civilized country in the world where health care can bankrupt a family.

Whatever, the piece is devastating when Potter talks about rescission. Health care insurance companies can purge their rolls by rescinding coverage just when you need it most. They comb through your medical files looking for anything that can nullify coverage; improper listing of medications, undisclosed past medical history, fraud, etc. These are for profit health insurance companies whose fortunes om Wall Street rise and fall on the loss ratios. Nothing wrong with for- profit anything. The real question in all of this, do you have insurance, until you need it?

Over at Time With Mike, I take a look at the U.S. Health Care Providers (IHF).

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