Obama Will Restrict U.S. Visas In Honduras

The U.S. Government keeps ratcheting-up the pressure on Honduras to accept back Zelaya as president.  Zelaya who tried to subvert the Honduran Constitution was ousted by the Supreme court and his own party.  The military was called in to escort him from the country and our government calls that a coup.

Now, the Obama administration “will temporarily restrict issuing U.S. visas in Honduras, raising pressure on the government that took power after a June 28 coup (according to the Washington Post) to step down.

The State Department, which has repeatedly condemned the military coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya, said that from Wednesday it would only provide visa services to potential immigrants and emergency cases at its embassy in Tegucigalpa.”

It wasn’t a coup and Obama finds himself on the same side vis a vis Honduras as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

The de facto government, which has resisted pressure from Western hemisphere governments and international bodies to reinstate Zelaya, vowed on Tuesday to stick to a plan to hold a presidential election in November, even if other countries don’t recognize the result.

“There will be elections whether they are recognized or not,” the country’s caretaker leader Roberto Micheletti told foreign ministers from the region on a visit with Organization of American States chief Jose Miguel Insulza.

Hang in there Honduras.  Maybe, Americans will tell Obama to back off!

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Mike Landfair

One Response to “Obama Will Restrict U.S. Visas In Honduras”

  1. You got it right my friend. As a proud Honduran I can say that the right thing was done here. I myself follow the National Party (major opposit), not the Liberal one which Zelaya and Micheletti belong. However, I Proudly consider Roberto Micheletti as my president. Thanks the actions of our institutions we will have another election in November.
    It is VERY FRUSTRATING to see the US position !!!!!!

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