Come On Obama, Get On The Right Side!

Mary O’Grady in the WSJ writes of Honduras

To recap, the Honduran military in June executed a Supreme Court arrest warrant against Mr. Zelaya for trying to hold a referendum on whether he should be able to run for a second term. Article 239 of the Honduran constitution states that any president who tries for a second term automatically loses the privilege of his office. By insisting that Mr. Zelaya be returned to power, the U.S. is trying to force Honduras to violate its own constitution.


Obama needs to recognize that, in Honduras, democracy and his administration’s credibility are on the line. By making a stand there, the president can ensure that greater threats to democracy and American security never develop at all.

Doesn’t that twist piss you off.  Two liberal writers try to make this power grab by Zelaya not the threat, but the legal Constitutional acts by the |Honduran people the threat to democracy.  Where do we live? 1984!

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