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H1N1 Marshall Law

This isn’t legal!

Mount Rainier Acts Up

According to the USGS:

“A swarm of small, shallow earthquakes occurred beneath the summit of Mount Rainier on Sunday, September 20, 2009, starting at ~0920 PDT. According to the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN), the largest event at 0945 PDT has a preliminary magnitude of M 2.2 with a depth of 1.8 km, located 1 km NNE of the summit. The swarm also featured many small events that were too small to be located, and lasted for several hours before gradually waning.

Greg Laden’c Blog has the background on our neighbor to the north

Football Upsets Week Four

#4 Mississippi 10, South Carolina 16
#5 Penn State 10, Iowa 21
#6 California 3, Oregon 42!!!
#9 Miami (FL) 7, #11 Virginia Tech 31
#18 Florida St 7, South Florida 17
#22 North Carolina 7, Georgia Tech 24
#24 Washington 14, Stanford 34

Oregon State 32, Arizona 37 – Darn!

How To Get Rich Slowly In Forex

I’m not going to say a lot about this new video, but I recommend that you watch it. It’s an eye-opener.

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Book Review: “The Lost Symbol” By Dan Brown

Did I like the book?  Yes, I couldn’t put it down, even though there are many flaws.  The book is like a tourist’s guide to the Washington D.C’s dark side.  Early on we find a human hand placed in the Capitol Rotunda, and the hand is tatooed as a Hand Of Mysteries.

We journey to the Smithsonian Castle, an actual Normandy Castle in the city. Who knew?

washington monument

Through the book we learn about all the esoteric Masonic symbolism in the Washington Monument and the The George Washington Masonic Memorial.

The George Washington Masonic Memorial

We learn about Noetic Science – the science of the human mind. We learn that thoughts have mass. If a grain of sand has gravity and you put enough grains together in one spot, you could have the equivalent of our moon. The moon exerts a powerful gravitational pull on our planet affecting the tides and some think earthquakes. So too, thoughts have mass and thus gravity. If enough people focus their thoughts on a single idea, the gravity will pull the idea into existence.

That’s a powerful idea! We can create anything we put our minds to. Think of it, the U.S. at one time was just an idea.

Part of the tourist guide takes us to the CIA sculpture – titled Kryptos – that’s in code and has yet to be fully deciphered.

CIA sculpture—titled Kryptos

After reading the book, I have a new reverence for ancient books and our Founding Fathers. They believed that we were creating something very special in America. Too bad, the politicians don’t take a couple of days off to rededicate themselves to the original ideas built into our national city.

I wish the book had pages of pictures of the buildings included in the book and I wish Katherine Solomon had been able to use some of the knowledge yielded from her experiments.

Who Do You Believe?

Who do you believe. Interim Pres. Micheletti or Obama, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Zelaya? Watch the two part interview and you decide.

Hat tip to La Gringa Blogicito

Bernanke Would Control Pay for Thousands

Is This still America?

Football Upsets

I seem to always root for the underdog!

#3 USC 13, Washington 16
#7 BYU 14, Florida St. 30
#14 Georgia Tech 17, #20 Miami (FL) 33
#18 Utah 24, Oregon 31
Possible upset:
#20 Georgia beats Arkansas – no upset
#21 Cincinnati 28, Oregon State 18 – no upset

10 Trading Lessons

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Arctic sea ice melt still heavy, but no record

Says AP:

The summer melt of Arctic sea ice wasn’t quite as bad this year as the last two years. But it still ranked as the third biggest melt on record.

But there was more ice this September than the record low set in 2007 — about one-third of a million square miles more. Last year ranked No. 2.

There’s more CO2 in the atmosphere this year than last and the year before, why is there more ice than last year?

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