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Football Upsets Week 8

#10 Miami (Fl) 37, Clemson 40 in OT
#25 Kansas 13, Oklahoma 35

No upset at USC for 21 point underdog Oregon State #7 USC 42, Oregon State 36. I would guess USC had all they could handle!

Oregon 43, Washington 19. Next week USC at Oregon!

There’s No Reason We Should Ever Lose Another War

You Could Have Walked Across On Their Backs

The Oregonian this morning carried a front page headline: Coho returning to Columbia River system in near-record numbers

If the projection holds up, this year’s coho return would be the second-highest since 1991, and at least 200,000 fish more than last year.

I was reminded of my post here back in May about my visit to Bonneville Dam. I am reposting it because I couldn’t understand all the concern over the fish then and certainly feel better about my concern after reading this morning’s paper.

The Oregonian on Saturday had an article in the Metro section by Matthew Preusch that said “Salmon on Obama’s agenda.”

Salmon in the vast Columbia Basin have been in decline for years, a phenomenon linked with dams and the destruction of habitat.

Last Saturday I was hired as a charter bus driver to take a Yellowbus load of Marylhurst environmental science students to the Washington side of Bonneville Dam. When we arrived the teacher graciously invited me to attend the guided tour through the dam. We were given a tour of the fish ladders, the turbines and the room that counts the various fish that go over the dam.

The students were all interested in how many fish were killed going through the turbines or over the spillway. I picked up a handout that charted the passage and survival of juvenile salmonids based on 1 year old Chinook counted in 2005. Overall survival rate through Bonnevill is 97%!

  • 24% go through PH II 97% survive
  • 15% go through PH II Juvenile Bypass 100% survive
  • 16% go through PH II Corner Collector 100% survive
  • 38% pass over the Spillway 93% survive
  • 7% pass through PH Iturbine and sluiceway 95% survive

Then I picked up a handout that showed the Yearly Totals Of Salmonids Counted Over Bonneville Dam. In this case “Salmonids” were defined as Chinook, Steelhead, Sockeye, Coho, Shad and Lamprey. Interestingly, I did not see the

Salmon …in decline for years, a phenomenon linked with dams and the destruction of habitat.

  • In 1938 271,799 Chinooks, including Jacks, were counted at the dam. In the years from 1938 to 2000 the numbers of Chinooks, including Jacks, varied from 240,050 in 1995 to a high of 547,494 in 1987. Overall the average was around 350,000. In 2001 to 2004, the largest Chinook runs took place with over 900,000 Chinooks, including Jacks, counted. In 2005 the Chinooks dropped back to 600,361.
  • In 1938 107,003 Steelhead were counted . From 1938 to 2000 1975 saw a low of 85,540 and a high of 379,891 in 1986. The average overall was around 250,000 Steelhead counted. From 2001 to 2003 the Steelhead runs were almost twice the average, in 2005 the |Steelhead count was 315,302.
  • In 1938 75,040 Sockeye were counted. There were two very low years of 9,501 in 1945 and 8,774 in 1995, but overall the average countof Sockeye was 60,000 to 100,000 fish. In 2005 73,002 Sockeye were counted.
  • In 1938 15,185 Coho were counted. The low year was in 1945, when only 790 Coho were counted. Since then the runs generally grew until 96,488 were counted in 1967. There was a dropoff and the next major low was 11.732 counted in 1993. In 2001 266,341 Coho were counted at the dam and in 2005 88,724 Coho were counted.
  • Now comes the astonishing part. In 1938 5,273 Shad were counted. In 1959 6,720 Shad were counted,but then the numbers took off; 617,323 in 1965, 1,039,857 in 1979, 2,947,865 in 1990, and 5,335,667 in 2004. IN 2005 4.242,183 Shad were counted.

I see no evidence in these numbers that this dam had any effect on destroying the fish runs of Salmonids since 1938. |The only fish that has suffered in the Lamprey eel, whose numbers are down 90% since 1938.

I asked the teacher about how these numbers square with the hue and cry over the endangered salmon and the movement to take out dams and she had no explanation.

The one interesting fact I picked up from my most interesting visit to the dam was in the Jack counts. Jacks are one year old Salmon and not yet adult Salmon. Usually there numbers are dwarfed 5:1 by adults. This year the counter tyold us that adult salmon number about 3,300 and Jacks number about 5,500. She’s never seen such an imbalance in the ten years of counting fish at Bonneville. She had no explanation for the change.

One good thing as the paper said today, June is the heaviest month for Shad, they fight like Steelhead and bite on almost anything, so take your kids fishing. The average Shad run in June is over 2 1/3 million fish.

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Mike Landfair

Your Final Trading Secret

This is your final trading lesson in ” The 7 Secrets to Successful Trading” series:

Trading Secret #7 is here:

Every success in the future.

Shame on You Sens. Jeff Merkley and Bob Corker

Here’s a letter from John Tate. President of CampaignforLiberty.com.

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Earlier today, Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Bob Corker (R-TN) introduced “The Federal Reserve Accountability Act,” an attempt to kill HR 1207/S 604 by passing a bill that prevents a full audit and full transparency from America’s secretive central bank.

While language in this bill would permit a limited audit of the Fed’s actions in the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and similar high profile bailouts, it would not allow an audit to review the Fed’s inflation of the money supply or its agreements with foreign central banks, among other shortcomings.

Additionally, the names of the institutions who received the funds would not be available until one year after each “emergency” program ended, and you know how quickly the federal government likes to end programs.

Click here to get the contact information for your senators and urge them not to support this attempt at stopping our historic effort to force the Fed into a full scale audit.

You see, you and I have the FED and their internationalist supporters in the Senate running scared.

We’ve seen it time and time again in recent months.

Now, this is how they will fight back — by having establishment senators who oppose a full audit the Fed, proposing watered down compromises in an attempt to sabotage our real goal.

We knew this moment would come. Now you and I must fight back.

Seventy-five percent of the American people, over two thirds of the House of Representatives, and over a quarter of the Senate support Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed legislation.

With those historic levels of support, there is no excuse for settling for anthing less than a full Audit the Fed bill. Anything less is merely an attempt to stop our efforts as we get closer to passage of a real bill.

The freedom movement will not back down on requiring transparency and accountability from an institution that has helped to destroy our economy. This is another test of our strength and will.

Let’s finish what we’ve started. Take action to stop this dangerous attempt to stop the real Audit the Fed bill TODAY!

Find contact information for your senators here and read more at CampaignforLiberty.com.

Let your senators know you expect them to support the American people’s demand for full transparency, not some watered down measure designed to stop a full audit!In Liberty,

John Tate

Shame on you Senator Jeff Merkley and Senator Bob Corker. You are both disgraces to the office!

Bank of the West Screwed Up!

Bank of the West just pissed me off. I wrote a check in my little marketing account for $100 and I was $40 short. The bank called me and said it would be taken care of if I deposited some money to cover it before 10:30am that day. I deposited $50. Then BOW charged me $34 for the over draft and because the overdraft resulted in a $9.95 over draft, they charged me another $34.

Once I closed a US Bank account for this sort of thing. I had a small balance in a checking account, maybe $50. Every month they charged me a service fee and the balance went lower and lower until the service fee overdrew the account. Then they charged me some over draft fee. I screamed at them, but they would do nothing, so I paid the overdraft amount and closed the account.

I think BOW screwed up and at the first opportunity will be gone along with our business account.

Here’s Your 6th Trading Secret

Trading Secret #6 is an important one as I believe it’s a secret that most traders – expert and self directed – both fail to properly understand. Watch the lesson and hopefully I can count you as someone who DOES understand this important secret!

Trading Secret #6 is here:

Enjoy this Trading Secret. Your final Trading Secret will be published on October 23rd at 9 a.m. EST.

Are You Laughing or Crying About Markets?

There’s no question about it, the markets can be very difficult at times. On the other hand, you can laugh all the way to the bank if you approach the markets in a systematic way.

Adam Hewison was looking once again at the S&P 500 and many people have said the market has gone up, not on the fundamentals, but on the perception that things are going to be better. Perception is one of the most powerful elements of the market. I would say that perception trumps both the fundamental and technical.

So what’s going to happen to the S&P 500? Is it going to continue going higher for the rest of the year, or are we close to a turning point?

In his new short video, he outlines several key areas that this market is fast approaching. These levels could be the Achilles heel for this market and potentially set the direction for the rest of the year.

As always, the videos are free to watch and there is no need to register.

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Mike Landfair

ALERT: Daily Trade Triangle Buy Signal For Spot Gold

Attention all MarketClub Members: A Daily Trade Triangle  flashed a buy signal on Spot Gold  this evening at $1,065.53.

Can the U.S. Economy Survive $100 Crude Oil?

The big question is if crude oil is headed higher, how much of a price increase can the US economy afford and withstand?

Here is a raw commodity that is used by everyone and the US has no control over it. This key commodity to commerce just happens to be in areas that are hostile to the US. If we see a hiccup in the supply chain that changes this market dynamic, even for a short time period, we could see oil move back to the $100/barrel range in a heartbeat.

How will this affect the US equity markets? If crude oil heads back to the $95-$100 range, I expect that the economy will take a hit and that will send the major indices south. In this short video, which Adam Hewison of MarketClub made a few days ago, he shares with you the potential target zones that we could see in the next 6 to 12 months in crude oil.

With the trend in crude oil in a positive trajectory, and the trend in the US equity markets also on a positive trajectory, something has to give. I expect the trend in these two markets to eventually decouple and go their separate ways.

As always, we will be monitoring our “Trade Triangles” for signs of weakness in the either the equity or crude oil markets.

We welcome your comments and feedback on this and all the posts we make on this blog.

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