What Has SCOTUS Wrought?

Seems to me that rejection of McCain-Feingold is fitting.

Who put the thing together? A liberal Feingold and McCain, who sure is no conservative, that’s who. Second, look who are objecting to the court’s decision, liberals by and large. Then there’s the NY Times, by most accounts liberal, who said,

“The majority is deeply wrong on the law. Most wrongheaded of all is its insistence that corporations are just like people and entitled to the same First Amendment rights …” Times editorialists proclaimed. “It was a fundamental misreading of the Constitution to say that these artificial legal constructs have the same right to spend money on politics as ordinary Americans …”

The problem is, as Thomas Mitchell points out, is the hypocrisy of the argument as editorialized by the Wall Street Journal:

“The Court’s opinion is especially effective in dismantling McCain-Feingold’s arbitrary exemption for media corporations,” the Journal editorial points out. “Thus a corporation that owns a newspaper — News Corp. or The New York Times — retains its First Amendment right to speak freely. ‘At the same time, some other corporation, with an identical business interest but no media outlet in its ownership structure, would be forbidden to speak or inform the public about the same issue,’ wrote Justice (Anthony) Kennedy. ‘This differential treatment cannot be squared with the First Amendment.'”

I would guess this levels the playing field, and why the liberals are upset. The liberals have had all the resources of the unions and people like George Soros on their side. Now they have to face the money of the corporations.

The big problem with money in politics is that both sides want favors. Liberals want laws that further their interests and promote union goals and membership and more money. Corporations want favors, too. They want protection and less regulation and want to make more money.

To me it’s all more than faintly Fascist and I see no good coming from more money chasing politicians.

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Mike Landfair

3 Responses to “What Has SCOTUS Wrought?”

  1. So your trying to categorize “Freedom of the Press” along with corporate money funneled directly into our elections??? We liberals are fine with keeping the unions out of elections but it is you that insist on giving CEOs more influence!

    The problem with that is many companies are owned over seas! You have just welcomed funds from China in the Mid east to drown out US middle class dollars.

    That is exactly the opposite of what freedom of speech was designed to do!

    You can not support corporations over your own government and be considered “patriotic”!

  2. Geez this blog has edited comments too!!!!!!!

    LMAO!!! Guess I should have signed my comment “IBM/Nazis!”

    You deny me freedom of speech you coward!

  3. GMz, you wrote “We liberals are fine with keeping the unions out of elections,…” then you followed that totally untrue statement with thwe word “BUT”. Even you agree that the first part of the sentence is a lie.

    The SEIU, and the NEA and the labor unions are all over the elections. We just had a vote in Oregon on measures 66 and 67. The first would raise the taxes on those earning over $250,000 or 2.8% of Oregonians and the second would raise taxes on corporations. Both were heavily supported with money by the unions Both won.

    Don’t tell me about unions and don’t ever call me a coward.

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