Chile Aftershocks Continue!

Do you remember the 5.6 earthquake that struck near Scotts Mills, Oregon and felt here in Portland on March 25, 1993? We were awakened about 5:30am by a shaking and a loud noise. The quake, which turned seemingly solid objects to quivering Jello, lasted long enough for my wife and I to jump out of bed and run to the front door where we huddled until the dishes and walls stopped shaking.

I was reminded of that horror by looking at the list of quakes in Chile just today that are 5.0 magnitude or greater. |You van see the list here. So far there 43 quakes listed in fifteen hours on the 28th. That’s about three an hour! Amazing.

2 Responses to “Chile Aftershocks Continue!”

  1. as of today sun. 124 shakers

  2. Bob, that’s just incredible. I would be a nervous wreck!

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