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How Ironic!

amed global warming activist James Schneider and a journalist friend were both found frozen to death on Saturday, about 90 miles from South Pole Station, by the pilot of a ski plane practicing emergency evacuation procedures.

Hat tip to George Ure at Urbansurvival.

Well, I was fooled.  April Fools!

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Biggest Fraud In History Is Coming To Light

Big story hitting the financial markets today that is the biggest fraud ever and will blow the top off the gold and silver markets.

In November 2009, Andrew Maguire, a former Goldman Sachs silver trader in that firm’s London office, …contacted the CFTC Enforcement Division to report the illegal manipulation of the silver market by traders at JPMorgan Chase. He described how the JPMorgan Chase silver traders bragged openly about their actions, including how they gave a signal to the market in advance so that other traders could make a profit during the price suppressions.

Through emails he told Eliud Ramirez of the CFTC Enforcement Division what was going to happen in the silver market before it did happen. Strong evidence that the market is manipulated.

The CFTC meeting last week about the metals markets also confirmed that there is a massive short position in the metals designed to make the USD look strong. Basically, for every ounce of physical gold and silver, there is paper equal to 100 ounces short. If you purchased a hundred ounces gold or silver on Comex and asked for delivery, you expect the metal to be delivered. What happens if everyone wanted delivery and only 1% of the claims could be satisfied? There would be a lot of darn upset people. It would be as if you sold your house 100 times over. Only one is going to be able to move in. That’s fraud!

Was it coincidence that Andrew Maguire and his wife were side-swiped in their car by a hit-and-run driver and ended up in the hospital?

Traders around the world are just waking up to the fact that there is a massive short in gold and silver and there is huge money to be made by squeezing the shorts.

Read the emails of Andrew Maguire to Eliud Ramirez of the CFTC Enforcement Division.

The Morning’s First Contact

I hope all school bus drivers read the editorial in “The Oregonian” by Aki Mori titled “Why do teens drop out by shutting out?” Mori describes some students as polite, but exhibit a nonchalant attitude toward their grades and the learning process.

With little sense of initiative or concern about their future, these youngsters represent a cross section of the student population that is unable to meet basic academic standards, year after year.

In Japan it’s called hikikomori. It’s not depression or autism or agoraphobia that causes these students to take to their rooms and avoid contact with the world. Educators think it’s caused by intense bullying at the hands of school classmates; in the face of bullying, children receive little in the way of support from teachers and parents; and students are often children of parents who are incapable of providing a nurturing home environment. The Portland Public Schools have put great emphasis on stopping bullying and we drivers are on alert for students giving or getting this behavior. If we observe bullying, we report it right away.

Mori, an educator in the Beaverton School district says that “teachers need to seek out simple connections with students that communicate compassion. Parents need to continually assure children in words and actions that they are their first priority in life.” The rest of can have a role.

As bus drivers we can make sure we know all of our riders names and greet each with a smile and a good morning. We may be the first person in the morning who shows an interest and really cares about their welfare.

What Kind Of Fools Would Pass Such Nonsense?

Elizabeth Hovde has a thought provoking op-ed article in “The Oregonian,” titled Imposing fines for not buying coverage likely to backfire. She explores some loopholes in Obamacare that make me wonder if I should continue to have money withheld from my check for health care. I could use the $6,500.00 that is withheld from my school bus driver’s wages. It would buy us four weeks of vacation in Mexico!

Hovde writes that Obamacare forces us to take out health insurance or pay a fine and insurance companies are forbidden from denying coverage to newcomers regardless of pre-existing conditions. The fine starting in 2014, is a minuscule $95 a year or 1 percent of a person’s income. “That’s laughable to people who spend 5 percent, 10 percent or even more of their income on health care premiums now, with the promise of more rate increases on the way. The fine rises to a more respectable $325 in 2015 and $695 in 2016.”

Why shouldn’t we all skip having any health insurance, pay the fine and then jump into health insurance if or when we get sick. They must accept us and there are no denials for pre-existing conditions. What kind of fools would pass such nonsense and what kind of fools are we to pay such large health care premiums?

Dietrich Writes another Ethan Gage Adventure

Back in 2007, I posted about Spring Reading and one of the books I singled out was “Napoleon’s Pyramids” by William Dietrich. I really enjoyed the book. Well, Dietrich has another thriller out “The Dakota Cipher.” This time it’s about the Louisiana Purchase and the adventures of Ethan Gage. Shall we go on another adventure?

Zcars Shows Us The McLaren MP4-12C

Yes, WO, little boys and their toys!

What’s In Your Wallet?

The Obami want to bail out those people in the country who are below water on their mortgages. “About 11 million households, or a fifth of those with mortgages, are in this position” The Obami think it right to buy up those mortgages to keep owners from walking away.

They want to help those who bought a house at the peak, maybe with zero down. We’ve tried restructuring the loans with lower interest rates and with stretchouts to get lower payments. Soon many of those reworked loans are back in foreclosure.

The Obami want to use $14 billion in TARP money to help those home owners out. I would guess that would include home owners who borrowed all their equity out.

The administration’s earlier efforts to stem foreclosures have largely been directed at borrowers who were experiencing financial hardship. But the biggest new initiative, which is also likely to be the most controversial, will involve the government, through the Federal Housing Administration, refinancing loans for borrowers who simply owe more than their houses are worth.

Four-fifths of the nation’s homeowners have played by the rules and are current on their mortgages. We who have played by the rules will get screwed twice. Using our taxes for the deadbeats or suffering from depreciating currency (inflation). Then the statists, having run up the nation’s debt, will seek new taxes. They love the European model so much that next, those in power, will float the idea of a VAT tax so popular over there to make ends meet. You and I know that ends will never meet, because they can spend it faster than we can earn it.

It’s time to throw every free-spender out of office!

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We know rifts have opened up in Idaho and Oregon way in the past, but to actually see it happening shows the power that’s involved.

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