The Punch Delivered By Griner!

The coaches say there is no place for this kind of action in sports. Is that true? Fights break out on the hockey ice. There are some terrific hits on the football field! You almost take your life in your hands to go into the middle on the court. I am not as offended by Brittany Griner’s action as other seem to be. Sports are violent. It’s war! What do you think?

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  1. A fact of life: Usually the retaliator is the one who gets caught.
    Having watched kids play sports for a lot of years, I think very few of them are Mike Tysons.
    Most of them are hard working, and intense and sometimes emotions get out of hand. If the refs don’t keep a handle on the shoving, then eventually a punch will probably be thrown.
    Are sports violent?
    Ever seen what a golf club can do?
    Is sports war?
    I don’t know, but the opponent is generally the enemy.

  2. I have to add….
    Probably most people don’t think like I do, but…
    I feel sorry for Griner.
    You can see her face just fall when she realizes what she has done and I hated to see her leave, hearing the boos, but then that’s what fans do. Support their team and boo the enemy.
    Barncastle will continue to play with a broken nose.
    Maybe she will be a little more careful who she throw around.

  3. I think she is a he.. Sounds like looks like and acts like a he.. Even has an adams apple. This is just my opinion!!

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