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Swoosh Goes Nike

In today’s short video, Adam Hewison takes a look at Nike (NKE) and projects what he sees in the future for this market.

As you know, we’ve discussed energy fields in the past and just how important they are to markets and Nike is no different. There is a huge energy field under this market capable of carrying it much, much higher. In the video he discusses a specific target zone for this stock.

As always, our videos are free to watch and there are no registration requirements. I would really like to hear back from you in regards to your thoughts on this Nike video.

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Oregon, A Little Active?

map 1.9  2010/03/23 16:53:31 46.000N 123.138W 38.0
13 km ( 8 mi) SSE of  Clatskanie, OR
map 1.7  2010/03/23 15:40:24 45.540N 122.681W 16.6
4 km ( 2 mi) WNW of  Portland, OR
MAP 3.8  2010/03/22 01:11:48 41.850N 126.053W 10.0
148 km (92 mi) W   of  Brookings, OR

map 2.8  2010/03/21 20:47:01 42.012N 125.603W 10.0
107 km (66 mi) WSW of  Gold Beach, OR
map 1.0  2010/03/20 18:49:00 45.104N 120.912W 27.5
15 km (10 mi) ESE of  Maupin, OR

One Of The Most Disgusting Things:

Fried Tarantula and it tastes like liver

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Lacey Brown Eliminated From AI

My choice for American Idol was eliminated this week. You could lose yourself in those eyes. Those eyes remind me of Martina McBride. I predict good things for Lacey Brown, Here she iis singing on Ellen’s show:

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Politics & Current Events

Hole Punch Clouds

In October of 2009, I posted about the strange cloud formation seen over Moscow, Russia.  Now we have a similar formation spotted near to home, Wenatchee, Washington.

The Wenatchee World reports that Howard Lowell snapped some pictures of  “hole punch clouds.”  There’s even an explanation of the phenomenon:

…the theory is that descending air or airplanes traveling through the clouds disrupt the cloud cover. They occur in clouds that are composed of both ice crystals and super-cooled water droplets — water that is below freezing temperature but still in liquid form. Only slight disruptions in the clouds can create a void that gives the striking appearance of a hole in the clouds.

Remember that movie about the coming of the ice age in New York City, “The Day After Tomorrow?”  There was something similar going on in that movie: down-bursts of super cold air.  Are we closer to that happening than we think?

A Night On The Town In Mazatlan.

We have initiated a small tradition here in Mazatlan; for dessert it’s fun to order banana pie or banana cream pie. You might say, “Aren’t they the same?” I would suggest there’s a difference. Here banana pie is more like a cake with layers of cream and bananas and banana cream pie is a cream pie with bananas mixed into the cream. Both are wonderful. So far with mixed opinions, I deem Pedro Y Lola’s the best. It was room temperature and was the layered kind. The Bistro here at Pueblo Bonito was good, but in my opinion, too cold. Then Los Zerapes had bananas Flambe. Pan seared bananas and the syrup over vanilla ice cream. Bananas are wonderful here in Maz and as plentiful as shrimp.

Tuesday night we went up to Centro and had dinner at Olas Altas. It was steak night! Olas Altas is across the street from The Shrimp Busket. The dining room was high-ceilinged with light orange walls and very nice photo art on the walls. All the woodwork is dark and every window is shuttered and can be opened for air flow. The restaurant is right on the Malecon which runs for miles along the ocean. The area must have been a haunt of Jack Kerouac.

The video that follows shows the inside of the restaurant and notice the wall painting in the bar. Finally, we made our way back to Plazula Machado to get an open-air taxi that seats six, an arriga, and the book fair was concluding with live music. Notice how the ficus trees have been trimmed in front of the restaurant Las Brasas.

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