TriMet Bus Strikes Group Of Pedestrians

A terrible accident happened last night involving a Trimet bus and pedestrians. Two young women were killed and one young man was transported to a local hospital. He was listed in critical condition. Two other pedestrians were also in the hospital with minor injuries.

“The Oregonian” writes, “The bus was westbound on Glisan as it turned left on to southbound Broadway, (Sgt. Greg), Stewart (a Portland police spokesman) said. As the bus turned on to Broadway, it struck a group of westbound pedestrians crossing Broadway.

I wasn’t there, but I suspect the bus driver lost the pedestrians in her blind spot. People in a crosswalk and a bus going in the same direction can get synched-up so that unless you “rock and roll” in your seat, you won’t see them. The mirrors on that side obscure pedestrians. It’s a terrible thing to happen and I feel terrible for the bus driver.

This type of accident can happen to any driver. So please, before you turn left or right, check for pedestrians before you get to the intersection and move in your seat so parts of the crosswalk are not obscured by your mirrors or passengers.

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  1. Oh, what a horrible, horrible tragedy.
    In the blink of an eye we can be no longer living or living with a nightmare the rest of our lives.

    I know we don’t know what happened yet, but this made me think of something that the general public is unaware of and bus drivers have to watch.
    A driver needs to watch the swing out of the back end of the bus, if it pulls sharply away from a curb.
    I don’t know if tri met buses do that, but I know the back end of a school bus can swing out over the sidewalk and hit someone walking down the sidewalk.
    They won’t get run over with the tires, but they can get hit with the side of the bus.
    Since I don’t drive any more , you would know more about this than I do Mike.

  2. WO, Oh, we know about tail swing. Practically every one of us early in our driving career has experienced the results of tail swing. My first month on the job, I caught a parked car on the left as I was turning right up near Ainsworth school. Then I had to spend time to be retrained on tail swing.

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