Big Drop In Bees

Bloomberg reports “Honeybees in the U.S. died at a greater rate from October to April than a year earlier, with more beekeepers attributing the cause to an illness that has devastated hives in recent years, the government said.

“Managed colonies lost to all causes reached 34 percent of all hives, up from 29 percent a year earlier…”

Colony Collapse Disorder, which has killed billions of bees worldwide since 2006, has no effective antidote. Scientists say viruses may be a primary cause and other stressors may be contributors. Companies that use pollinated crops in their products, including General Mills Inc. and Clorox Co., are concerned about bee loss, as are farmers, who rely on the insects to pollinate about $15 billion of U.S. crops, according to a Cornell University study.

We should prepare for food shortages.

2 Responses to “Big Drop In Bees”

  1. Look into Mason Bees.
    Wonderful little creatures that are native to this country.
    They don’t make honey but they do a wonderful job of pollinating and are fairly easy to proved a home for.

    Bee keepers will say, “Honey bees love dandelions. Man hates dandelions.”

  2. That should say “provide a home for.”
    I hate it when I proof read and still don’t see mistakes.

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