Lots of news about Katla, the volcano in Iceland whose eruption could be an order of magnitude greater than Eyjafjallajökull.

There was a powerful earthquake today, “a magnitude 6.0 earthquake along the Northern Mid-Atlantic ridge. The relatively powerful, and fairly shallow quake struck in mid-ocean approximately 325 miles southwest of the Portuguese Azores Islands.” Why is that important? The quake was on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, the south end is anchored in the Haiti and Caribbean area and the north end is splitting Iceland apart.  The red arrow marks the today’s 6.0 quake.

There’s some concern that an eruption of Katla would harm our food supplies. An article on the Financial Press Trading Desk. China has purchased corn from the U.S. for the first time since 1996, anywhere from 484,000 to 825,000 tonnes. China is experiencing delays in corn planting due to cold and wet weather. “…the Chinese government has had to dip into its stockpiles to sell 5.6 million tonnes of the grain in an effort to keep prices lower.”

Sam Kanes of Scottia Capital notes that in the last thousand years, the three times Eyjafjallajokull “erupted it has also triggered an eruption from its big brother, Katla.” A Katla eruption could severely impact global weather patterns and could lead to global food shortages.  One positive note; Eyjafjallajokul is still erupting.  Katla traditionally does not erupt until Eyjafjallajokul stops.

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  1. …and you can bet the farm China isn’t buying that corn to turn it into ethanol. The affect on crops will impact everyone, just a matter of how much and how soon. The Church of Global Warming will claim it has something to do with man made CO2 while we watch the price of wheat and corn skyrocket due to shortages when the ash clouds from volcanic activity lower the temps by as little as 3-5 degrees, just enough to delay planting and bring on early frosts on the other end of the planting cycle.

  2. “… China is experiencing delays in corn planting due to cold and wet weather. “

    That Global arming keeps up, we’re all gonna freeze to death.

  3. ZZ, did you see this” http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/global-cold-wave-may-be-looming-%e2%80%94-this-time-the-science-is-good/

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