Where’s The Anger?

The government agency that regulates offshore drilling and is in charge of cleanup is not the only government agency that doesn’t work. Here’sthe trailer for “The Cartel” coming soon to a theater near us. a must see!

And they are surprised that parents aren’t pissed and demonstrating! So am I.

One Response to “Where’s The Anger?”

  1. Well, there is no doubt that the education system loves to waste the tax payer’s dollar.
    There is no doubt that the education system has a real problem deciding what is the best way to teach kids to read, write and add.
    There is no doubt that the teacher’s union is strong and powerful.
    There is no doubt that there is overkill in administration.
    There is no doubt that our entire education system needs to be reformed.
    I have not watched the movie, so shouldn’t comment until I do……but……
    A teacher beating and hitting kids???
    I find that hard to believe in this day and age.
    It sounds like the movie is dealing more with New Jersey’s problems and The Democrats for Education Reform deal with Charter Schools.
    One thing people need to understand is that public schools have to take everyone. Charter schools can kick your butt out if you don’t follow rules.
    Everyone is under the assumption that kids want to learn.
    What do you do if a kid doesn’t want to be at school and doesn’t want to learn?

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