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Largest Sinkhole Known To Man?

A huge sinkhole opened up Today in Tennessee (see video here) and that raises the question, What is the biggest sinkhole known to man? worldviewpr has the answer:

Read The Arizona Immigration Law And Judge For Yourself

The Patriot Update has the bill that Holder and Napolitano have not read. Read SENATE BILL 1070 and see for yourself if racial profiling is part of the law. Hint: It’s not!

That’s A Giant “Up Yours,” California!

The Washington Times writes

The city councils in Los Angeles and San Diego passed resolutions calling for a boycott of Arizona.  Both are discovering their politically correct gesture is not without cost.

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce reminded LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa that his city receives 25 percent of its electricity from power plants in Arizona.

“I am confident that Arizona‘s utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands,” Mr. Pierce wrote.

Rand Paul Wins Republican Senate Nomination in Kentucky

The NY Times is reporting

Rand Paul, one of the early leaders of the Tea Party movement, won the Republican nomination for Senate in Kentucky on Tuesday night, delivering a powerful blow to the party’s establishment and offering the clearest evidence yet of the strength of the anti-government sentiment simmering at the grass-roots level.

Mr. Paul, the son of Representative Ron Paul of Texas, easily defeated Trey Grayson, the secretary of state from Kentucky.  Voters turned against Mr. Grayson even though he had the support of the state’s best-known political leader – Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader.

Blumenthal: “A Few Misplaced Words!”

Now Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal says about his lies of serving in Vietnam that he had “misspoken” in claiming repeatedly that he served in Vietnam, dismissing the furor as a matter of “a few misplaced words.”

Served in Vietnam or Served during Vietnam! There’s a big difference.

I served during Vietnam in the Army Reserve. I was on active duty in Ft. Lewis and Ft. Ord for a total of 119 days plus five years of two-week summer camp. I did not have to go to Vietnam and risk getting my ass shot off or killed. I did not have to risk agent Orange, or post traumatic stress disorder or live with a thousand-yard stare over what I’d seen in war.

I had friends who lost there lives over there. I didn’t see my buddies killed randomly before my eyes. I choke up at the sight of the Wall in Washington D.C.  I don’t bawl over the name of buddies on the wall. I would never call myself a veteran. I would never say I served in Vietnam. Saying that would dishonor the sacrifices of all who served in that war.

It’s more than “a few misplaced words.” It’s a despicable Lie!

Book Review: The Association By Bently Little

There’s a condo association in Baltimore that has had enough with doggy piles in the yards and is forcing owners to have their dog’s DNA tested and filed to compare to the poop samples found on the lawns. The initial cost is $50 for the testing and $500 for an offense.

When I read the story, I was immediately reminded of a book I read, titled “The Association” by Bently Little. This book scared me enough that I will never willingly join such a group. Cahners Business Information, Inc. describes the book:

Barry and Maureen Welch are thrilled to exchange their chaotic California lifestyle for the idyllic confines of Bonita Vista, a ritzy gated community in the unincorporated fictional town of Corban, Utah. But as Bonita Vista residents, they’re required to become members of the neighborhood’s Homeowners’ Association, a meddling group that uses its authority to spy on neighbors, eradicate pets and dismember anyone who fails to pay association dues and fines. Maureen, an accountant, and Barry, a horror writer who is banned by the association from writing at home, soon find themselves trapped in the kind of deranged world that Barry once believed existed only within the safety of his imagination.

Let’s hope the Baltimore homeowners association doesn’t escalate its fines for multiple violations to the loss of limbs as was the case in “The Association.”

Dodd Replacement Lied

The NY Times just announced Richard Blumenthal, U.S. Senate Candidate From Connecticut, Misstated Service Record.

Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat who is running for the United States Senate from Connecticut, never served in Vietnam, despite statements to the contrary. The Times has found that he obtained at least five military deferments from 1965 to 1970 and took repeated steps that enabled him to avoid going to war.

From Amazon

Best Books of May

Immigration Reform? Let’s Try Mexico’s Immigration Law!

If you want to secure your borders and keep track of immigrants you look no farther than Mexico. The country that criticizes Arizona’s recent illegal immigration law, has a very strict policy regarding immigrants writes recovering liberal John Lillpop of Canada Free Press.

Things Are Poppin’

One of my readers drops me a note:

This is unusual for Mt Adams to show.

I thought it must be just Mt. Hood, but heck, things are poppin' and
jumpin' all around me.

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