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What Did The Russians Want With Gold Info?

TMFSinchiruna’s CAPS Blog has some interesting information about the ten recently arrested Russian spies. Seems part of the mission was after Gold information.

Blippit has more information about one of the Russians, Anna Chapman.

My Wife Will Love This!

MaxedoutMama has a info on a new idea that will allow Social Security at age 60 and tax payrolls to $250,000!

Elin Nordegren Gets $750M In Tiger Woods Divorce

Oh Tiger, Wouldn’t have been cheaper to hire prostitutes? $750 million is more per girlfriend than paid by Gov. Eliot Spitzer for hookers!

Death Cross Approacheth

I posted at FocalEquity that, IMO, We are Right On The Edge of a big decline in our markets. I see today that Planet Yelnick is seeing much the same, in Death Cross Approacheth, illustrating his opinions with some great charts.

Liberal Hypocrisy / Media Bias: NY Times on Byrd vs. Thurmond

Vocal Minority notices how NY Times treats the death of Sen Byrd and Sen Thurmond. Could their party have anything to do with their treatment? Hmmmm!

Time to shut down the US Federal Reserve?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard makes a great case based on the FED’s stupidity. It’s an excellent read.

However, Dr Athreya’s assertions cannot be allowed to pass. The current generation of economists have led the world into a catastrophic cul de sac. And if they think we are safely on the road to recovery, they still fail to understand what they did.

What Prompted The Al Gore Story?

Byron York asks why after four years did the story of Al Gore’s late night call for a massage suddenly break? My question is, Who didhe piss off?  Don’t know if this is the answer, but The Hill carried this article “Oil Drilling Prompts Al Gore’s First Public Split on Climate with President Obama” by Russell Berma.

It was Al Gore’s first break with the Obama Thugocracy.

York writes, “Obama’s announcement last week was seen as an olive branch to the oil industry and to fence-sitting senators whose votes are needed to pass sweeping climate and energy legislation that includes a cap on carbon emissions.”

The head of Clean Air Watch, Frank O’Donnell, said “It’s vote-buying, pure and simple.”

Then the Deepwater Horizon happened.  Does this smear of Gore take the heat off Obama?

The National Enquirer has been known to have close ties with the Clintons.  Hey, maybe, Deepwater has taken out two pols and left Hillary Clinton saying, “My hands are clean.”

A Coaxing To Preserve The Hoaxing!

Warning: the following may be too graphic for liberals. Byron York writes Sex complaint against Gore is detailed, credible.

The liberal masseuse was told by her liberal friends to take one for the team. “(They) advised against telling police. One asked her “to just suck it up; otherwise, the world’s going to be destroyed from (gasp) global warming.”

Imagine that a coaxing to protect the hoaxing! Is this not the most hilarious piece you’ve ever read. Libs don’t care about your rights as a woman. They would force you to wear a Hijab, to cure (gasp) global warming.

Doom For The Markets?

Make no mistake about it, last week was a very important week for the stock market. Looking on the weekly equity charts, you will see one of the most powerful Japanese candlestick lines. This one line on the chart indicates that there could be some major problems ahead for the stock market.

In Adam Hewison’s new video on negative engulfing lines, he explains what this line is and how it can play out in the short and longer-term time frames.

As always the videos are free to watch and there is no need for registration. I would really like to get your feedback on this powerful formation and what you see for the markets ahead.

Watch for the free offer of an Japanese candlestick eBook.

All the best,

Strikes In Spain Against Reforms

Masked protesters block roads during clashes with the police in Vigo, Spain, Wednesday, June 3, 2009

INO.com reports that “strikes against austerity measures caused transport havoc Tuesday in Madrid and led to clashes between police and picketers in the Basque region.”  Yes, Spain like Greece is in deep fiscal trouble.  For years the country had been loving beyond its means and now it must cut back.  That means cutting back on government programs and handouts that many depend on.

The cutbacks coming are happening in California, Illinois, New York and according to published reports, you can add another 43 states in the U.S. that will be scrounging for ways to make ends meet.  I fear that the U.S. will experience the violence, strikes and clashes with police as well.  Richard Russell, author of Dow Theory Letters,  has said for years that the only government option in this situation is “Inflate or Die!”  For many of the countries of the world, including the U.S.,  where debt is now 100% of GDP, that time is at hand.  Expect to see angry citizens push back against reforms and cutbacks or loss of buying power with currency.

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