What Prompted The Al Gore Story?

Byron York asks why after four years did the story of Al Gore’s late night call for a massage suddenly break? My question is, Who didhe piss off?  Don’t know if this is the answer, but The Hill carried this article “Oil Drilling Prompts Al Gore’s First Public Split on Climate with President Obama” by Russell Berma.

It was Al Gore’s first break with the Obama Thugocracy.

York writes, “Obama’s announcement last week was seen as an olive branch to the oil industry and to fence-sitting senators whose votes are needed to pass sweeping climate and energy legislation that includes a cap on carbon emissions.”

The head of Clean Air Watch, Frank O’Donnell, said “It’s vote-buying, pure and simple.”

Then the Deepwater Horizon happened.  Does this smear of Gore take the heat off Obama?

The National Enquirer has been known to have close ties with the Clintons.  Hey, maybe, Deepwater has taken out two pols and left Hillary Clinton saying, “My hands are clean.”

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