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Honor A Country’s Laws

For all of you who think the law Arizona passed is a hardship and unpardonable that someone should be required to show papers if asked, consider this from expat Nancy Russell living in Mazatlan, Mexico:

I have been living off and on outside the U.S. since 1973. I would never, I repeat, never consider walking out my door in any of those 13 countries where I visited or lived without copies of my official papers on my person.

When we are in a foreign country we are guests. We each represent our countries. And as an individual American we have a mulitude of small moments everyday to be good guests. This includes honoring our host country’s laws.

What a concept, that of honoring a host country’s laws. The only reason to be upset is fear of being found out.

This Doesn’t Happen By Accident!

Obama Political Director ‘Forgot’ He Was on SEIU Payroll Last Year

Gaspard is a key player in the Obama White House, which maintains deep ties to labor unions, especially the service-industries’ union. He worked for nearly a decade for SEIU 1199 before joining Obama’s campaign.

How convenient that when the SEIU comes under fire that this happens to your political director. This happens in a lying, thugocracy!

Kagen’s Words Are Worrisome!

I’m no expert on 441b, and I’m no lawyer, but Kagen’s words worry me and the stammering when she tries to answer a question is worrisome. Here she is and you can read comments on the Brietbart site:

Sen. Robert Byrd (D- WV) R.I.P?

My friend Greg at Rhymes With Right has an “appropriate memorial to the memory of the former Ku Klux Klan Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops” promoted into politics at the suggestion of KKK leaders.

From Amazon

Amazon Kindle: Best Books of June

New Arrivals on Kindle for $9.99 or Less

Jesse’s Café Américain

Jesse’s Café Américain has the latest targets for Gold and takes the target out to the year 2020: 70% every three years!

Gold Bubble?

Jeff Clark writing at Seeking Alpha offers graphic proof that Gold is not in a bubble:

“Note to doubters: we’ve got a long way to go before we start legitimately using the “bubble”  word.  Besides, the fact that these skeptics aren’t buying – and don’t even own any gold in the  first place – is further proof we’re not in a bubble. Ever notice none of them claim to own it?”

Couldn’t said it better myself!

And Now This In The Gulf!

Gulf Dealing With New Oil Spill Fear — Hurricane

Jeff Masters looks back at the history of storms that form in this area .

Does It Mean Anything?

Since the 13th of June we’ve had an unusual number of micro-quakes in the Mt. Hood area. Six in the Mt. Hood Village area, all about four miles deep and two in the Parkdale area about 5 miles down.

Speaking of Terrorists…

Are ever going to leave this lawful country, Honduras, alone?

La Gringa’s Blogicito writes More intromission by US Ambassador Llorens and G-16

Can you imagine the embassy of any other country summoning the members of the US Supreme Court to a meeting, not only summoning them, but providing an agenda in which they are expected to defend themselves? An absolutely incredible lack of respect for the sovereignty of Honduras.

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