Why Did Rome Fall?

My thanks to Instapundit for pointing out this interesting post at First Things by David P. Goldman, A 1600th Anniversary Question: Why Did Rome Fall?

In the article when the barbarians sacked Rome they destroyed old symbols of the culture, public buildings and imperial mausoleums in particular, and I would suggest built their own. Shades of the Mosque that is planned for Ground Zero. But, how did a “…large Germanic group (that) probably numbered a few tens of thousands…” prevail “…while regions like Italy and Roman Africa had populations of several millions,” supporting a standing army of 600,000 during the 4th century. The answer seems to be that the slaves in Rome fled to join the ranks of the barbarians.

Now I ask with at least 12 million undocumented illegal aliens in the country, how do we know who is for us and who is against when the chips are down? We already know that 10 to 20% of the mosques in this country preach against us and for Sharia. How many of the undocumented are a fifth column within this country waiting for a signal from the barbarians?

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