The Russian Is Coming!

The man who inspired the movie “Lord of War,” in which Nicolas Cage plays a Russian-American arms dealer who plies his trade all over Africa, is coming to America. The U.S. finally won the right to extradite Viktor Bout (pronounced Boot) from Thailand to face charges of selling war material to FARC, a Colombian terrorist organization.

Bout knows much about the arms trade and maybe even 9/11. Forbes magazine says, “The mere thought that he could be responding to prosecutors’ questions in New York apparently sends shivers down the spines of some high-ranking Russian government officials.”

Bout was allowed by the PTB in Russia to make millions of dollars, so the thinking is he knows a lot of Russian secrets that the U.S. are anxious to hear. JR Nyquist thinks the Communists are still in control in Russia and Bout could shed light on “The Party.”

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