Officials Waited 2 Weeks To Tell Public Of Egg Danger

The Des Moines Register reports that “State and federal health agencies identified an Iowa egg company as a likely source of illnesses at least two weeks before the firm launched a mas­sive egg recall Aug. 13 and the public got its first hint of a growing national sal­monella outbreak, health officials said in interviews with USA Today.”

About 1,300 illnesses have been linked to the salmo­nella outbreak; for each confirmed case, federal experts estimate there are 30 additional unreported illnesses.

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One Response to “Officials Waited 2 Weeks To Tell Public Of Egg Danger”

  1. There seems to be some concern that this latest salmonella incident will strengthen the “H.R. 875 Food Safety Modernization Act”.
    I don’t know much about the bill. I know that small organic farmers were concerned the bill would negatively affect them and increase the bureaucracy in the agricultural department.
    I guess I better go read about the S. 510 portion.

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