In Memory of Charles Loftus-Cole

Bev and I joined about 45 other people to participate in the 8th Annual Charles Loftus-Cole Memorial Work Day at the Oregon Food Bank. Charles Loftus-Cole was the son of our friends Jane Loftus and Sam Cole who was killed in an auto accident eight years ago at 16 years of age.

This was my first time at the Food Bank and Bev’s second. Eight people gathered around each metal stainless table and scooped oats from a giant pillow shaped plastic bag into plastic bags measuring two pounds. We all worked hard from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. When we were done, we had bagged 8,000 pounds of oats. That’s enough to feed 65,000 people!

When people are suffering in Oregon due to a lack of resources to buy food, the Oregon Food Bank provides relief.

During 2009-10, the Oregon Food Bank Network distributed 72-million pounds of food to people in need throughout Oregon and Clark County, Wash.

The reports come on the heels of the 2009 U.S. Census Bureau poverty report, which reports that the ranks of the working-age poor climbed to the highest level since the 1960s, leaving one in seven Americans in poverty.

You can help. Go to their website and read how you can volunteer.

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