Hurricane Thomas Forms

Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground writes today about the formation of Hurricane Thomas “…so far south and east this late in the season is unprecedented in the historical record; no named storm has ever been present east of the Lesser Antilles (61.5°W) and south of 12°N latitude so late in the year.”

Storm Track

There’s also something unusual about Hurricane Thomas:

Another unusual aspect of Tomas’ formation is that we now have two simultaneous hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean on October 30. There has been only one hurricane season since 1851 that had had two simultaneous hurricanes later in the year–1932, when Hurricane Ten and Hurricane Eleven both existed November 7 – 10. Today is also the 5th latest date in the season that there have been two simultaneous named storms in the Atlantic. The record was set way back in 1887, when Hurricane Eighteen and Tropical Storm Nineteen were both active on December 8. There were three years that had simultaneous November named storms: 1932, 1961, and 2001.

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