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Book Review: The View from the Seventh Layer: Stories By Kevin Brockmeier

I’m in love with a new book!

Author: Kevin Brockmeier
288 pages
Vintage (March 4, 2008)
I first came across Brockmeier when I read “The Brief History of the Dead.”  I loved the idea in that book that when you die, you go to a place just like the one we currently occupy and you continue to live out your life until all who have memories of you are gone.
“The View from the Seventh Layer: Stories” contains stories of exquisite imagination.  There’s a man who is mute in a world where everyone sings.  He can’t, so he raises parakeets aand gives them away in little cages on special occassions.  You know parakeets mimic most everything they hear.  What happens when the mute man dies is magical.
There’s a story of a girl who sells maps and such to the tourists.  Some say her house is built from wood from an old race track.  If you put your ear to the walls you “…could hear hundreds of cars speeding by…”  In the village “…were lamps on the streets of the island that were still filled with the breath of the glassblowers.”
There’s a story where all sound ceases for five seconds.  The silence repeated again for 10 seconds the next time.  “Each time one of the silences came to an end we felt as though we had passed through along transparent passageway, a tunnel of sorts, one that made the world into which we had emerged appear brighter and cleaner than it had before, less troubled, more humane.”
Once when I visited the John Day fossil beds, I was alone.  It was so quiet, just the wind and a bird crying to another bird.  It was wonderful. Nothing like the city with the constant sound of rubber on pavement coming from I-84, the garbage trucks on Monday banging the cans, dumping the recycled bottles.  I hear voices over the fence in the backyard at night reminding me of my camping days.  It’s never quiet and most of the time we are not even aware of the noise or the ocean waves at the beach or the birds in the morning.
I’m not finished with “The View from the Seventh Layer: Stories,” but I had to let you know about my find.  I like the way I feel when I read Brockmeier’s words and love his detail.  I have another waiting in the wings after this one.  His new book to be released in February, 2011: “The Illumination: A Novel”

The Compelling Silver Story!

Here’s an excellent and compelling story about Silver:

Silver market analyst Ted Butler, who hasn’t been heard from outside his proprietary newsletter (http://www.butlerresearch.com/) for a while, gave an interview Friday to financial writer Chris Martenson. They discussed silver market manipulation, silver’s unappreciated value, and the possibility that the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s investigation of the silver market will bust the manipulation. You can listen to the interview at Martenson’s Internet site here:


Gore Admits He Was Wrong About Ethanol

I’ve been railing against Ethanol since back in 2006, calling it a giant boondoggel. Now, finally Al Gore has admitted U.S. corn ethanol “was not a good policy.” Yet how many politicians were duped? How much did Gov. Kulongowski cost Oregon by subsidizing plants to produce this junk? He probably boasted about the number of jobs he created.

Well, Government does not create jobs. They do not know how to evaluate projects based on the profit motive and end up wasting our money and creating mal-investments.

From Amazon

Best Science Fiction & Fantasy of 2010

Football Upsets Week 12

#8 Nebraska 6, #19 Texas A&M 9

Oregon State 36, USC 7

Lara Logan Again On 60 Minutes

Mark Wahlberg, once a small-time thug on the streets of Boston, tells Lara Logan on 60 Minutes how he became a big-time Hollywood player and the person the hit HBO series “Entourage” is based on.

The story starts in the Boston neighborhood where Wahlberg almost killed a man and went to jail for it and ends up in Beverly Hills, where he prepares for his most challenging role, a boxer, in a film that he is also producing. “I’m a lucky son of a bitch,” he tells Logan.

Food Shortage In America

I continue to believe that America is near a critical time for food supplies and have blogged about Hunger in America. Today, the Government’s food security report showed that as much as 15 percent of US households were suffering from food shortage in 2009.

According to the report, those suffering from severe food shortages include 28 percent of adults who at some point in 2009 did not eat because they cannot afford to buy food, while 97 percent skipped a meal or cut the size of their meal for the same reason.

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Warning: Some Ideas Are Not Fit For Taxpayers

Hat tip to Instapundit for finding this gem!

Warning: Some language is not suitable for children.

Fed money printing getting even wilder!

You look at this chart and ponder Sarah Palin’s warning about the FED and QEs. The FED is flooding the system with money that is made out of thin air. They are inflating the currency which devalues its value. The result is or will be rising prices. The government argues inflation is a mere 1.4% and would like it higher. Shadowstats argues inflation is considerably higher and will soon get worse.

Martin Weiss writes

I’ve seen a lot of crazy monetary shenanigans in my lifetime — in Brazil, Japan and elsewhere.

But I’ve never seen anything quite like the explosion of out-and-out money printing we’re witnessing in the United States today.

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