Speaking Of Sarah Palin

If you are a woman get off your asses and support her if she runs. We’ve had a woman run England, Margaret Thatcher; a woman run India, Indira Gandhi; a woman run Israel, Golda Meir to name a few.

You’ve had the vote since the ’20s and not once have you ever had a chance for a woman to challenge the good old boys. It is about time we gave a woman a chance. My God she couldn’t do worse than some of the bozos that Americans elected in the last 200 years. You can’t say everything is going well in this country. It’s about time that we change directions.

I read and heard African-Americans say they were voting for Obama because finally they had one of their own they could support. Well, Female-Americans drop the differences, drop the labels and give allegiance to one of your own. As a Male-American I’m willing to give the woman the keys, just like I gave up the checkbook to my wife who manages the budget better than I do.

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  1. Well! I just heard from my first woman/women who wrote,

    “There is no way that you can put that woman’s name in the same paragraph as Thatcher, Gahdhi and Golda Meir. For them I would get off my tush for Palin, I am more than ready for her 15 minutes to end.”

    I say, you don’t deserve to have a woman represent you! Unfortunately, I think my wife agrees with you and does not support my comments.

  2. I like Sarah Palin, but she should not run in 2012. She is damaged goods and does not stand a chance against the press that has been out to destroy her since McCain chose her as his running mate.

    She is very effective as a thorn in the backside of the press and the Democrats. She will accomplish more in this manner than she will a President. Hopefully, she will realize she has more power today than she would have had as VP. Her day will come to run, but not 2012.

    Go Sarah!

  3. I like sitting on my ass, but I find myself constantly standing up and defending Palin for the twisted ridiculing directed toward her lifestyle and her statements. The press and liberal blog sites enjoy twisting what she says, criticizing what she does and making up stories about what she says and does.
    That angers me.
    However,…. I couldn’t vote for her to be president. Not yet.
    I am not sure how obedient she will be to “freedom of religion.” I am not sure she is agreeable to my ideas that we should not be in Afghan. or Iraq and the old fashioned part of me feels distress at what she has put her children through, for her own political gain.
    However….I respect her knowledge of hard work and balancing a budget. That is something rare in Washington DC today.

  4. WO, thanks for your reasoned response. I am sure many want to hear all that AND who else is running.

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