Who’s The Biggest Loser In Eqypt?

Gamal Mubarak                                         Ben Curtis/AP/File

The presidential elections were to take place in 2011 and if the 82 year-old current President Hosni Mubarak had chosen not to run, it was widely thought that his London based son Gamal Mubarak was expected to be his successor.

Egypt’s elections are neither free nor fair, and experts agree that just as in ancient Egypt, a dynastic transition is likely.

Mohamed ElBaradei was a name that kept cropping up as a potential rival to Mubarak. The “…former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency and 2005 Nobel Prize winner announced he would run for president given guarantees of a free election.” However, he wasn’t given much chance.
There are constitutional amendments, that “… render succession far more likely [and] make any particular alternative unlikely…” and there was no national movement that would slow down either Mubarak. All that’s changed with even the military suggesting it’s time for Mubarak to go and word that Mohamed ElBaradei wants to form a unity government with the Muslim Brotherhood, which had been outlawed.

The biggest loser seems to me to be Gamal Mubarak!

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