Moodus Noise Returns

A 1.3 magnitude earthquake struck the town of East Haddam, Connecticut Wednesday night.  Big deal you say.  Most people would never feel a 1.3 quake.  It’s a tipple to the 9.0 that hit Japan or the 750 aftershocks that followed.  But this quake was different.  It appeared to bring back the “Moodus Noise.”  When the earthquake struck residents heard a loud noise.

A loud bang heard across the area sparked a response from local police and fire departments who feared an explosion at a house, sending them around town searching for the cause. But it was called off once police said they received a report of the geological disturbance.

Entrance to “Moodus Noises” cave on Cave Hill, 1940s

What are Moodus Noises? According to Wikipedia:

Moodus is infamous in Connecticut for the strange noises coming from the woods which have been termed “Moodus noises”, and are attributed to shallow micro-earthquakes. The noises can be heard most strongly from Cave Hill, located next to Mt. Tom and owned by the Cave Hill Resort.

In Legendary Connecticut, author David Philips asserts that the Moodus noises were the source of an indigenous religious cult important to local Native Americans. Local Algonquin chiefs (Sachems) would gather around Mt. Tom in order to experience the living presence of the god Hobomock. Pequot, Mohegan and Narragansett tribes participated in this cult, and according to local Alison Guinness, the Wangunks were involved as well. The Algonquins called the area Matchemadoset or Matchitmoodus meaning “the Place of Bad Noises,” since Hobomock was considered an evil deity.

The Moodus noises were the basis for the otherworldly noises in H. P. Lovecraft‘s The Dunwich Horror.

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