Why Are We In Libya?

We watched American Idol tonight. Some great performances of even greater songs written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Of course my favorite to win AI is Pia Toscano, not that Luke and Hailey didn’t sing well. Pia is the whole package; looks and voice. She’s another Mariah, Celine and Whitney rolled into one appealing package. Out of the eleven we must kick off two tomorrow night. Right now I’d say bye to Thia and Stephano.

At commercial breaks I’d ask Bev, why are we in Libya? Why aren’t we in Syria? And if we are in Libya, shouldn’t we be in Syria and Iran. Some say the cost of Libya so far is $500 million. Could that be right? Why are we in Libya? How are we going to afford Libya? We don’t seem to have enough money here at home. Why are we in Libya? Why were we in Iraq, but we were led to believe we shouldn’t have been. Aren’t the reasons we are in Libya the same reasons we were in Iraq?

At the end of American Idol, Randy said the judges have used their only “save.” It’s now up to America to make the correct choices in our voting for who stays and who goes. We now have the power and he trusts us to make the correct decisions. I thought, yeah like the decision to put Obama into office. Why are we in Libya?

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