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Two Drudge Headlines!

Obama locked out of White House...
Scientists Grow Sperm In Lab...

I immediately thought that scientists might try growing a set of testicles for Obama the regime president.

Another Do or Die Point for Equities & Gold – Get Ready!

Gold just hit a NEW ALL TIME high. It’s currently at $1,447. What’s ahead for the stock market, Gold and Gold stocks?

This New Report analyzes tipping point of Gold and Equities: report here.

Silver At $38.13 As Gold At New All Time High Of $1446!

Are You Freaking Kidding Me, Jamie Gorelick!

Fox News is reporting that the Obama regime is considering Jamie Gorelick as head of the FBI!  See the things I’ve written about this thug in the past here.  After national security in which was involved, there was Fannie Mae.  There is nothing that recommends her to be dog catcher!  FBI? Are you kidding me?

Oregon’s Grassy Mountain Project Sold

Seabridge Gold owner of Grassy Mountain has agreed to sell its interest to Canadian gold miner Calico Resources Corp. “Under the terms of the agreement, Calico will issue 2,000,000 shares after the execution of a definitive agreement, 4,000,000 shares on the first anniversary of the execution of the agreement and 8,000,000 shares, when the project receives the permits for the construction and operation of a mine.”

Calico shares are currently down 9% to .52 cents Canadian.

Seabridge Gold has this estimate of Grassy Mountain:

# Potential for 90,000 ounce annual production at cash cost of $175 per ounce
# Acquisition cost less than $2 per ounce of resource
# Project similar to Crown Jewel purchased by Kinross for US$100 per ounce
# Holding costs US$65,000 per annu
# 43-101 Resource calculation of 924,000 indicated ounces and 61,000 inferred ounces

Silver Takes Out $37!

Gold is at $1439.70 the highest price since March 7, when gold prices hit an all-time high of $1,444.60 a troy ounce.
See Gold and Silver charts.

From My Fingers To Investors Eyes

No sooner did I write about Rare Earths and Molycorp, than the CEO of Molycorp makes an announcement about his business:

Rare earth stocks have exploded today, with group leader Molycorp, Inc. (MCP) up more than 10%. The catalyst for the move in Molycorp, which had been heavy and out of play in recent months, were comments from the CEO that the company’s sales were on track, selling prices for rare earth materials were actually higher expected, and that there would be no major issues resulting from the disaster in Japan.

Molycorp (MCP) jumps $7.89 or 17.66% to $52.57!

Amazon Appstore for Android

Amazon Appstore for Android

Backwardation In Silver

We still are experiencing backwardation in Silver.

“One of the more bullish factors for silver … is backwardation in the futures contracts, where the current spot month trades higher than the future months. Silver’s March contract is trading at $35.83 while the July 2014 contract is trading at $35.78. The March contract is also closing in on expiration which could heighten backwardation and increase volatility.”

Silver is currently at $36.20.

Arnaldo Pomodoro “Sphere Within Sphere”

George Ure at Urban Survival has posited the theory that maybe our earth is expanding and that’s the reason for the ring of fire and the trenches that have opened around the world. He drew my attention today to the Italian artist Arnaldo Pomodoro “Sphere Within Spheres” that are exhibited in many locations including The Vatican garden. Did Pomodoro see the earth expanding or was he making these sculptures with something else in mind?

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